Public Service Resumes Frequently Asked Questions

What area does Public Service Resumes operate in?
Public Service Resumes operate Australia wide and have consultants located within every state of Australia.

How is the consultation conducted?
Public Service Resumes orders are allocated to the most suitable writer. Your writer is someone who will understand and grasp the application requirements in full. Your consultation is phone based and your order type will determine the duration of your consultation, we have found that 30 – 45 minutes is required for a Resume service and additional time for any further products. It is important to remember there is not set time limit and consultation lasts as long as your writer requires to gather all the necessary information required to tailor write your documents start to finish.

What hours of the day does the consultation need to be booked for?
Public Service Resumes are very flexible with the times we can conduct your consultation. This includes outside business hours up to 8pm in the evenings or over the weekends. The consultation is booked for your preferred time. Your writer will contact you before your consultation to confirm the exact time so you are both prepared.

What do I need to provide before the consultation?
We ask all of our clients who proceed with a Resume service to complete a Resume Information Form which will be attached in your order details email. Your writers email address will be provided in your order details email so that you can forward any applicable correspondence including attachments or links to Selection Criteria for orders completing Key Selection Criteria. For those who can’t provide any correspondence via email we can complete a consultation without the information form. It is just something we request that will assist the writer prepare for the consultation.

What happens if I forget or need to provide more information that I may have missed during the consultation with my writer?
The communication lines are open throughout the whole process with your writer. You can request the writer to call you back to gather any extra information you may have not provided during your original consultation.

Can I choose my own writer?
Yes, depending on the time frame you require your documents to be completed and the writer’s availability, you can request and book your preferred writer. A detailed profile of all our writers is available via the Writer Profile tab which can be located on our home page.

Does the processing time include weekends and public holidays?
Yes, the processing time includes weekends and public holidays. We are open 365 days a year.

Are packages available?
Yes, depending on the services you require. Public Service Resumes can build your package for your personal needs. All of our packages can include our Resume, Cover Letter, Key Selection Criteria, LinkedIn Profile writing services, Priority Services, Business Capability Statements, Interview Skills Training and or Career Development Coaching Sessions. You can view all our products on our home page in the ‘All Products’ tab.

Is there a set fee to complete Key Selection Criteria?
Yes, Public Service Resumes have set fee for Selection Criteria writing, we will need to review the details of the application to offer a precise fee as all criteria differ in method, position level and requirements.

How are the documents delivered?
Your documents will be delivered to your email address and the designer will notify you that your documents have been completed and sent.

Do I get an editable document that can be updated?
Yes, all of our documents will be sent to you in an editable Office Word document so you can alter, update or change any content after your 45 day review and feedback period has expired. The Resume is also sent in a PDF file.

Is the front page cover design on my Resume editable?
No, this is a PSD file and you will not have access to alter or change your name on the front page cover design. If you have a name change and require a new name simply let us know and we will make this change on a complimentary basis. This includes outside our 45 day review and feedback period.

When does the 45 day review and feedback period start?
The 45 day review and feedback period will commence from the date the documents are delivered to you giving you the maximum amount of time to utilise our revision service.

How many changes can I request within the 45 day review and feedback period?
Unlimited changes are available to ensure you are 100% satisfied. This is only applicable to the order you place and not to suit different requirements.

What happens if I need something updated when the 45 day review and feedback period expires?
Depending on the updates required and how long it has been since you last utilised our service will determine the fee.

Will I be eligible for a discount for future services or will anyone I refer be eligible for a discount?
Yes, when you purchase any of our products you will be eligible for a 15% discount which will apply to any future services you require or would like to utilise. Anyone you would like to refer, friends, family or staff, will be eligible for a 10% discount.

What is the standard delivery time?

7 – 10 days is Public Service Resumes standard delivery time, this includes weekends.

Can I have my documents completed sooner than 7 – 10 days?
Yes, Public Service Resumes offer clients requiring the documents completed sooner rather than later , 24 hour service, 48 hour service, 3 x day service and 4 x day service at an additional fee.

What are the operating hours of Public Service Resumes?
Public Service Resumes consultants are available seven days a week, this includes public holidays and also outside business hours.