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As we all know, COVID-19 has affected the Australian job market like never before. In these rapidly changing times, the Australian Government is supporting affected Australians looking for work. This has included their development of the Jobs Hub, which is a one-stop online hub listing myriad current vacancies Australia wide. One section of the Jobs Hub is specifically focused on Australian Government jobs and over the next few weeks, we will explore each of the 13 categories and look at current opportunities and the types of jobs available, what you need to do to apply, and what you can expect working at one of many of their departments. This week, we are focusing on the ACT Government –

There are many roles you can take on in the ACT Government from direct service to strategic and government management. As an organisation, there are great structures and opportunities along with a robust employment framework and clear workplace behaviours. The ACT Government provide excellent conditions and benefits to all its Government employees, including generous superannuation, flexible working environment, good work-life balance conditions, leadership programs and relocation expenses for current public servants looking to relocate to the Australian Capital Territory and join the ACT Government workforce. Office locations are across Canberra, so you can usually select a location that works best for you.

At the time of posting the blog article, the Jobs Hub were showing well over 70 currently advertised jobs. These ranged from numerous operational and strategic roles with ACT Health, including Executive Assistant, Support Analyst, Data Analyst, Infrastructure Project Manager, Director, Strategic Funding, Chief Pharmacy Information Officer and Senior Director, through to a Director of Waste Regulation with Transport Canberra and City Services.

Each vacancy has different requirements, so it is important to read the How to Apply section of the advertisement you are interested in. However, most agencies tend to ask for a resume and written response by way of a one or two-page statement. The requirements for a resume submitted to the ACT Government is that it should be up-to-date and provide relevant information about your education, employment history, experience and workplace achievements. It also needs to be formatted to make it easy to read. The written response makes up an essential part of your application and aims to provide the selection panel with clear, concise information and evidence about your demonstrated suitability and potential to perform the role effectively. Before you start your written response, it is important to check the format and style that is being requested as this may differ depending on the agency. Some job ads will ask you to respond to Selection Criteria while others will ask you to submit a Pitch or a Statement. If you are unclear about the type of response you are expected to provide, ask the contact officer to clarify so you are sure.

The ACT Government is committed to applying the principles of merit-based selection, equity and diversity, and procedural fairness in the recruitment process. This means that the selection committee will assess all applications, which includes screening for meeting eligibility requirements and assessment of suitability for the role based on information submitted. Each selection process may use a variety of assessment methods. The selection committee will determine the most appropriate method of assessment for each role. One or more of the following techniques may be used:

  • Interview; including behavioural or evidence-based questioning, and/or broader discussion and engagement through “telling a story” about you and your experience
  • Practical exercises, such as:
    • Fact-finding, analysis, research activity, knowledge test
    • Composing or developing a document, policy, brief or other technical document
    • Scenario-based role-play, presentation, group exercise; or
    • Experiential assessment, physical aptitude test or driving test; and
  • Other assessment methods such as an assessment centre, psychometric test, verification of qualifications and eligibility or referee reports

In your application, during interviews and in assessments, it is important to demonstrate to the selection panel that you have reviewed and understand the position requirements and that your technical and professional skills, knowledge, experience, qualifications, and behavioural capabilities will enable you to perform well in the role. Providing specific evidence-based examples of your experience will provide the selection panel with insight about your abilities. You will be assessed against the capabilities required to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities of the role, as described in the position description. Committees will then prepare a report on their assessments and recommendations for the delegate. Successful applicants will receive an offer to accept, and unsuccessful applicants will be notified of the outcome. In cases where you are unsuccessful, it’s a great idea to request feedback on your application as you can be provided with valuable information on what to improve next time.

Overall, the ACT Government is a professional, diverse and innovative public service that is responsive to the government of the day and to the community of over 400,000. Work with the ACT Government is interesting, meaningful, challenging and fulfilling. After reviewing the wide range of jobs on offer, you will see that the ACT Government looks for employees who are passionate about assessing economic growth conditions; can advise on investment decisions and administer grants; who can conduct marketing with local and international business; and find ways to add to the many festivals and events to grow tourism, cybersecurity, space and spatial science and the higher education sectors.

Moreover, as a regional health and education hub, the number of medical and mental health professionals, teachers and psychologists is growing at a rapid rate to support expanded facilities and increasing population. Investment in infrastructure requires construction trades, engineers, planners, contract and procurement managers. New schools, playgrounds and an eco-centre are being built, along with projects that combine ICT and infrastructure to create a smart city. The rapidly growing city also has a need for labourers to maintain the city, as well as firefighters, police and customer service officers.

A role with the ACT Government will see you achieve outcomes effectively and efficiently by performing collaboratively regardless where you are working across the city. All agencies demonstrate a united commitment to the principles of collaboration, innovation, respect and integrity, which are the foundation of the ACT Public Service Code of Conduct and exemplify the workplace culture that the ACT Government strives to nurture.

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