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APS graduate opportunities are available within a wide range of Government departments and agencies. Each year, the Australian Public Service (APS) recruits a variety of graduates with a diverse range of skills and qualifications, from Business, Law, Engineering, ICT, HR, Science, Marketing and Management, to Security, Intelligence, Service Delivery and Environmental Management. A graduate program is a structured, on-the-job program designed to introduce you to an APS organisation and many opportunities offer a dynamic work environment and a diverse and challenging career path. They provide you with the opportunity to develop great skills, knowledge and networks required to kick-start a rewarding career in the APS, as well as interesting work and development opportunities. Typically, a graduate program runs for ten to 18 months and can consist of one to three rotations in various areas within a department. Graduate programs are not just for school leavers, university graduates can apply for entry-level positions, as well as any professional looking for a career change. While entry-level positions are not associated with formal, graduate programs, they provide additional opportunities for professionals to gain employment and career development in the APS and are the perfect starting point for a career in the APS.

With a job in the public sector, you will have choice, flexibility and diversity, with work that can take you all over the country or overseas, competitive salaries, continual development and career progression, and some of the best working conditions around. The public sector is the biggest employer in Australia, with the largest number of employees in education, administration, defence, health and community services. Jobs are available in every industry and at all levels, including everything from environmental management to communications, security, IT and social research. You could find yourself working for your local council, statutory authority, Government Corporation or state, territory or federal department. Contrary to the stereotype of Government ‘robots’ who waste time and barely work, you will have to be prepared to work hard for the public service. However, in doing so, you will be well rewarded with almost unrivalled working conditions and benefits which include a good salary and leave conditions, flexible work practices, as well as ongoing training, development, mentoring and support.

The skills and training you receive in the private sector are easily transferable to the public sector, and vice versa. Therefore, even if you have not had any prior experience working for the APS, a graduate program may be the ideal entry-level role. Many Government departments support and encourage employees who pursue further study, so if you are looking to get ahead in a particular industry, then it is a great idea to consider a Government department. Occupation roles within the Government are diverse. Policy and administrative pathways are common, but there are many other areas of work within distinct portfolio areas and at different levels of Government. All throughout Australia, different portfolios of responsibility are attached to different levels of Government – federal, state and local. The Government employs a range of professionals, not just administrators. Accountants, agricultural scientists, economists, engineers, geologists, lawyers, doctors, nurses and librarians are just some of the many occupational roles within Government organisations, and most Government departments actively seek graduates from a range of disciplines for their graduate programs.

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Most Government job applications require not only a resume but a ‘statement against the selection criteria’. The selection criteria will set out specific criteria for the position you are applying for, and you will be expected to address each of the selection criteria in turn. You need to explain the relevance of your skills, experience, abilities and personal qualities as they relate to each criterion and the duties of the position. You also need to use specific examples from your professional experience, using the STAR approach: Situation, Task, Action and Result. Answering these to the satisfaction of the selection panel is the only way to get over the line and make it to the next stage in the recruitment process. It takes some skill to answer selection criteria effectively, and if you are struggling, then the team at Public Service Resumes are here to help!

APS graduate opportunities are available now, so if you are looking for the ideal role to get your ‘foot in the door’ for an APS career, then consider a graduate program. If successful, you will not only gain valuable experience, but you will participate in structured training throughout the program that is designed to equip you with the skills to build a solid foundation for a career in the public service.

Public Service Resumes are here to assist you with all of your application needs including APS graduate opportunities, and we are the experts in putting together strong APS applications, including for APS graduate opportunities. By focusing on your exceptional qualities, experience, qualifications and relevant skills, we can support you to attract interest and secure that interview for a graduate or entry-level APS role.