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Council or Local Government is the third tier of Government within Australia and is responsible for such local community services as town planning, local roads, parks, rubbish collection, library services and much more. Vacancies within Local Councils range from Accountants and Administration roles to Landscapers and Librarians from entry level through to senior executive roles. The benefits of working for your local council, apart from being able to make a change, is seeing the change you are making to your local community through your daily working and personal life. Some of the benefits to a career within your local government include generous leave entitlements for a variety of life events and circumstances, pension schemes, higher superannuation contributions and positive work-life balance. One of the main benefits that many people fail to recognise is contributing towards making a difference to your local community and seeing the changes you are making within the community you reside such as parks, roads, signage, town planning and more.

If you are looking to start your career with the Government at a local level or you are a current employee, continuing, transitioning or recommencing your Public Service Career with over 560 councils throughout Australia, opportunities exist for skilled, talented and diverse candidates looking to join a team of like-minded professionals. Local Councils throughout Australia offer equal employment opportunities for all potential applicants and employees. Regardless of your age, gender, indigenous heritage or religious beliefs, you will receive the same opportunities as any other candidate. You will be assessed purely on your ability to perform the job duties.

Your local Government – Council application will consist of a Resume, responses to the Selection Criteria and, if required, a one page Cover Letter. Each Local Council will have different requirements and methods for applying so be sure to clearly read the application guidelines and call the contact officer or one of Public Service Resumes’ consultants for clarification. Your one page Cover Letter can be the most important part your application and gives you the chance to grasp the reader’s interest and encourage them to continue to evaluate your application. The information you provide should include a brief description on why you are the most suitable candidate for the role, clearly specify the role you are applying for and a list of your key skills which are applicable to the role requirements. Your Resume is providing the selection panel with an overview of your professional working history which will include responsibilities and achievements for the roles you have held, a list of your key skills which can be sub-categorised depending on the application requirements. Stating your education, training, professional development details, referees and profile is an introduction to your Resume and provides a professional snapshot of your background, accomplishments, career outlook and any further information of significance or importance.

The responses to the Selection Criteria will give you the opportunity to clearly demonstrate how you meet each Selection Criteria question through prior working experiences, qualifications and your skills and capabilities. It is imperative to provide strong, relevant and concise examples. Depending on the page, word or character limits as specified within the advertisement details, providing concise and relevant information, using either the STAR, SAO or other methods, is very important to achieve the result required by the employer.

Public Service Resumes’ writers specialise in completing Resume, Selection Criteria and Cover Letters for Local Government – Council applications. A number of our writers have had direct working history within Local Government – Council and have a proven track record of producing high quality, correctly structured  and professional documents that make you stand out for the crowd!

To view all Local Council vacancies throughout Australia and your local area please visit one of the helpful sites below.

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