Victorian Government Resume & Selection Criteria Writers

The Victorian Government Departments currently employ over 265 000 people and this figure is expected to rise  as the Victorian Government is dedicated in obtaining the most skilled candidates to fill a wide range of vacancies within a number of different Departments, Agencies and Organisations including vacancies for positions for Emergency Services, Health, Transport, Education and Community Services. Public Service Resumes have a number of experienced and professional Victorian State Government writers assist you when it comes time to compiling your next job application.

The Victorian Government offers many incentives via Government employment conditions which private sector employers are unable to match, which include leadership programs, learning and training, work life balance, superannuation and not to mention various types of leave and also making a difference to your state community. The Victorian Government have identified the following industries as high demand Engineering, Health and Aged Care, Information Technology, Policy, Project Management and Sciences.

Victorian Government jobs are available at a number of different levels and across various department, agencies and organisations. Through understanding each departments’ structure, it will give you a better understanding of the various type of jobs that are available within each Government Department.

Department of Economics, Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
Department of Education and Training
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
Department of Health and Human Services 
Department of Justice and Regulation
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Department of Treasury and Finance

For Victorian Government applications you will be required to submit a Resume, Cover letter and responses to the Selection Criteria which will require a response of up to 500 words maximum per selection criteria point unless otherwise specified within the advertisement details or position description. One of the most important parts of your Victorian Government application will begin with a stand-out Resume that reflects your skills, knowledge and capabilities in a clear and concise fashion.

For Victorian Government applications you will be expected to acquire the skills, abilities and knowledge required for the vacancy, your application must clearly outline this within a well written Resume and Cover letter as well as including strong and relevant examples to the Selection Criteria. You will be required to submit a Resume, Cover letter and responses to the Selection Criteria which can range in a word limit of 200 to 500 words per Selection Criteria point. Your Resume needs to include your relevant and transferable skills, without being too long or too short. Additionally, the content needs to be set out in such a way that it easy to read and in logical order, otherwise you will appear incoherent. Are you familiar with those aspects of Resume writing? To give yourself the best chance of progressing in the application process, you must compose an individual response to each of the specific Selection Criteria, as part of a single document. The Selection Criteria responses is the most important part of your application and is giving you the opportunity to clearly outline your knowledge, skills and experience in relation the selection criteria questions as it is showing the Selection Panel how you will be able to perform the duties and tasks required for the role.

Public Service Resumes professional Victorian State Government writers specialise in completing Resume, Selection Criteria and Cover letters for Victorian Government applications, a number of our writers have had direct working history within the Victorian Government and have a proven track record of producing high quality, correctly structured  and professional documents that make you stand out for the crowd!

To view all current Victorian Government jobs visit the Careers VIC job search website via the link provided below.

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