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New Year, New Career: How to Enhance Your Job Hunt

Toward the end of the year as Christmas and New Year dawns, many public service departments start to slow down and may operate on skeleton staff. This often means that job opportunities are few and far between, however you can still utilise this time productively. If you are ready for a new career in the New Year, then it is important that you consider your priorities and ensure that you remain engaged in job hunt preparation as 2016 draws to an end. Oftentimes, departments have just re-evaluated their budget and operational requirements and are prepared to bring in new employees at the beginning of the year.

Typically, most people seek a new career change in the first few months of the year than at any other time. This is not entirely surprising; the start of the New Year often prompts reflection – Am I doing what I enjoy? Is there something better I could be doing? Could I be earning more? Am I where I want to be in my career? While this is a great way to review your career to date and set yourself some goals, it can also mean that the job market is more competitive. Therefore, it is essential that you also review how you are presenting yourself to potential employers. Is your resume up-to-date and professional? Do you have a cover letter and key selection criteria ready to go so you can save some time with your applications?

Securing your next role can take some time. Think about the process involved in finding a new job;

  • Updating your resume and cover letter
  • Registering online or with a recruitment department
  • Online and offline job search and networking
  • Putting together key selection criteria
  • Applying for jobs and waiting for responses
  • The interview process – including second and third interviews if necessary
  • Your notice period

Each of these stages takes at least a couple of days; many (particularly the interview process and your notice period) could take a minimum of a month each. Not to mention, how do you even know if you are selling yourself in the best way possible? Consider this; if you were in the market for a shiny new car, you would expect the friendly car salesmen to have a pretty good idea of what they were selling. It might not be the most obvious analogy, but marketing yourself for a new job is really no different. If you do not know what you have got to offer, how will anybody else? Identifying your professional strengths, your key achievements, experience and qualifications, and just as importantly what you love doing, can really make or break an application.

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Our professional team at Public Service Resumes know more than just a thing or two about the Australian Public Service job market. Our understanding goes even deeper when it comes to our clients; we are supportive because we have experienced the process and clearly understand the challenges you may be facing with a new career. That is why we highly recommend that you consider the assistance of a professional to put together your application package. Not only will this save you precious time, but you can also be rest assured that you will be presented in the best possible light. There is no better time to amp up your new career presentation documents and step forward in your job search with renewed energy and confidence.

A well thought out and presented job application is one of the most important tools that you have as a job seeker for a new career. This is the first impression that you are providing your potential employer. While it is not a joyful task for most, writing a well-crafted application really helps to sell why you are the ideal candidate. A great one displays commitment to making a positive first impression, professionalism, writing skills, attention to detail, knowledge of a desired profession, and a self-assessment of your skills. This Christmas and New Year, give yourself the gift of a great application package. The investment will be worth it!