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How Online Networking Can Boost Your Career

Have you ever wondered how online networking can boost your career? Active online networking is vital to career growth and involves meeting and getting to know people who you can assist, and who can potentially help you in return. Professionals within the Australian Public Service (APS), State Government or local Council use online networking as a means to form relationships with others, in like or related fields, that help to expand ones’ effectiveness within a particular industry or department. Most APS, State Government or local Council roles will provide you with ample opportunities to represent your team or department internally or externally at events such as inter-departmental forums, conferences, cross-functional meetings, and senior management meetings. These can be a highly effective way to establish relationships and alliances, understand and negotiate across boundaries, and learn how to communicate with influence.

A key element to effective online networking is to make you known. The premise being that the more people you meet, the more people there will be to get to know you and remember who you are. You should use every professional and social opportunity to meet and connect with new people so you can promote who you are as a professional, how you think, what makes you succeed, and what skills you have to offer. It is, however, important to leave a positive impression on everyone that you meet and to send the message that you are not only competent but also a pleasant person to deal with. Being optimistic and excited about what you do makes stakeholders remember you and want to maintain a connection with you. A key to this is to be diligent with returning emails and phone calls to maintain your credibility with them.

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Another extremely effective way to keep in touch with your network, or even to make new contacts, is LinkedIn. The world’s largest professional online networking site, LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of members and is growing rapidly. Moreover, many recruiters and large companies now use LinkedIn to source new potential and advertise for roles. LinkedIn provides a way to connect with their professionals and helps you stay in contact. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is used strictly for exchanging knowledge, ideas, and employment opportunities, and has increasingly become a leading tool for helping individuals to expand their networks, as well as find jobs in their field.

LinkedIn is the ideal way to promote yourself and network online, but just how do you make the most of opportunities on the site? It’s best to think of LinkedIn as a more dynamic and visual version of your resume. While you can include traditional information, such as your education, work experience, awards and affiliations, LinkedIn allows you to expand on each point. Therefore, you can share projects that you have contributed to, links to media, or even brochures and other material that you have created as part of your role. Finally, one of the strongest features of LinkedIn is the ability to include references and recommendations, which can be extremely beneficial for online networking. If you have past professors, managers, colleagues or stakeholders who appreciated your work, you can request that they submit a recommendation, which will show up on your profile for your network of contacts to see.

In order to attract the best opportunities, your LinkedIn profile needs to be optimised for relevant, powerful keywords to ensure that it shows up whenever an industry peer, recruiter or hiring manager searches LinkedIn for someone matching your skills and experience. How you present yourself online matters. A professionally written LinkedIn profile conveys a premium status amongst your business network and professional colleagues. It goes deeper than illustrating experience to convey your personality, values and culture fit. LinkedIn presents an immense online networking opportunity for professionals who are serious about expanding their network. It begins with an investment into a click-worthy LinkedIn profile and then setting aside a few hours each month to build your connections with other professionals online.

According to LinkedIn, 80% of LinkedIn members consider professional online networking to be important to career success. It’s not surprising, as conversations are at the heart of unlocking opportunities such as a new job, business lead or career advice. So, if you are a professional eager to promote yourself online and connect with like-minded professionals then look no further than Public Service Resumes. Our team of expert writers can provide you with assistance in setting up a professional profile that makes an impression and positions you according to your level of knowledge and competence in your field.

Our LinkedIn writing service will help significantly improve the way your online profile is represented, helping place you on display in the best possible manner, with the highest standards of credibility, trustworthiness and professionalism attached. We will make sure that the right keywords are in place and also write up a professional summary that helps to grab the reader’s attention. The work involved in our LinkedIn Profile writing service includes:

  • Initial establishment of your online profile
  • All details from your resume will be transposed to LinkedIn
  • Updating your career summary and employment history
  • Solidifying your professional online profile by updating your expertise and skills
  • Education and achievements will be added
  • Following relevant groups and companies in your industry
  • Keywords will be included in your profile for greater visibility

In today’s digital age, there is no better time than now to ramp up your online networking with an optimised LinkedIn profile. Call Public Service Resumes today for an obligation-free quote for a profile that will get you noticed by employers and industry professionals.