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Professional Resume Writing Service Benefits

Public Service Resumes professional resume writing service benefits are undeniable. Engaging the services of Public Service Resumes for your resume needs is an undeniable investment for the future – after all, most people source the majority of their income from their job, so it is a logical first step to securing that ideal role. If you have been confused about using a professional Resume Writer to prepare your next job application, now could be just the right time to progress. The Australian Public Service (APS), State Governments and local Councils are all highly competitive job market across most departments, and you need every advantage to stand out from the crowd. The fact is that a vast majority of professionals still write their own applications. Therefore, if you engage a professional – you have every chance of standing out from the crowd. A well-written resume, cover letter and/or selection criteria or statement of claims is like a sales proposal, and not many people have experience writing those.

The most important values that a professional resume writer brings to the process are professionalism and neutrality. They know what potential employers are looking for and they can look at you and your experience to determine how to best present it in a way that is going to appeal. That can be difficult for individuals to do themselves. In fact, most people find it almost impossible to be objective when working out what to include and exclude from their resume. Moreover, most resumes from clients that we have reviewed, even those in high-level positions, are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. This is a major turnoff for recruiters and will immediately result in your application being placed in the ‘no’ pile. One of the advantages of engaging Public Service Resumes is that your documents will go through a professional editing team once your writer has worked on them.

Why You CAN Afford to Engage a Professional Resume Writer and How to Get the Most Out of the Service

When a client calls Public Service Resumes to enquire about our services, and the first thing they ask is how much it will cost them; we are certain that if they are price-driven, they may not be fully emotionally invested in getting the best result they can. As with everything, there will always be a company offering cheaper or ‘better’ services. And that is fine if you are buying like-for-like and you know exactly what the item you are buying will do. And that is not to say the most expensive service will be the best either. Investing in a resume writing company should not be an ‘impulse buy’. Your professional brand is different, and we would suggest doing your due diligence in selecting a professional resume company and choose on quality and reputation, rather than cost. Buying purely on cost is a short-term solution that either will not work or will not fully meet your expectations.

Having your application documents written for you by an experienced professional is certainly a worthwhile investment. Careerwise – it may well be your most important. For example, you may have already been out of work for six months, with all of your job applications thus far heeding no results. When you invest in a professional resume writing service, past experience from our clients show that you are drastically improving your odds to reach that all important interview stage. In doing so, you will be saving yourself the further loss of salary – certainly a worthwhile investment and one that will end up saving you money in the long-term.

So, you have decided to go for it, but what is next? How can you ensure that you get the best value for your money? To help guide you through this, Public Service Resumes have put together four important points.

Clarity and Direction

Knowing what you want is an important first step to achieving the best possible result. No matter how good your Resume Writer is, it will be difficult for them to write your documents on your behalf if you are vague about your career goals. If you are unsure where you are currently headed, it can help to do some research using online job sites and select two or three advertised roles that appeal to you. They do not have to be in your preferred geography or industry – but should provide an ‘example’ of the type of roles that you are interested in and match your skill set. This will not only help your writer to pinpoint the skills, experience and qualities to highlight but might also provide you with some valuable inspiration.


Your Resume Writer is a professional; this is their job. So, if you have chosen well, you need to be confident that you are in good hands. While your writer will highly regard any opinion or preference you have, it is important that you trust their approach and listen to any advice that they provide. In doing so, you will certainly end up with a great final product.

Be Open to Collaboration

Developing your resume is a two-way street and requires your input. Public Service Resumes always involve clients by engaging them in a telephone consultation where the writer will ask probing questions about goals, achievements, strengths and weaknesses. Your Resume Writer is not a mind reader nor hired to be a creative writer, so it is important for you to share whatever you can with them and provide any information requested, as well as asking questions if you are not sure about anything along the way. It is never ideal to wait until the end of the project and then decide that you not happy with the result – participate along the way to ensure success.


Never be afraid of offending your Resume Writer. Providing constructive feedback and appraisal is an important part of the process to ensure you end up with documents that not only meet your needs but reflect you as a professional. There is no point in having a resume that uses language you would never use in real-world situations. Make sure that you spend the time to review what has been written and provide your feedback and comments in a timely manner. This will then be considered, and as per Public Service Resumes revision and satisfaction guarantee, your writer will work on your documents further to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Engaging a professional resume writing company such as Public Service Resumes is extremely rewarding, and certainly, a worthwhile investment that you CAN afford – our highly skilled and experienced writers know what employers are looking for and help to clearly articulate your previous successes in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd. If you have been job searching for some time without any success, it might not be what you are saying but how you come across on paper. This is where we come in. We are not just a team of professional writers; we are experts in making your resume stand out from the rest of the applicants waiting in the same line. We are career coaches and strategists, and the job search does not have to be a lonely one. Contact the team at Public Service Resumes for a FREE appraisal and quote!