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University Career Opportunities

Have you ever considered your university career opportunities? Australia is home to one of the biggest and best higher education systems in the world, making it a top destination for both local and international students and academics. It has long seen students – and their fees – as a national priority. In fact, the education of international students, in particular, is Australia’s third largest export, behind iron ore and coal. As student enrolments have grown over the past decade, so have staff numbers. In 2015, there was 120,000 full-time staff, directly employed by universities, including over 50,000 academic and over 60,000 professional staff.

Universities are valuable public-sector roles abounded with university career opportunities, and not just in the areas of teaching or academic research. For example, there are marketing and communication teams that manage brand promotion and external relations. They work in conjunction with student recruitment officers, working from within Australia and abroad. Librarians disseminate information and provide support to students, researchers and lecturing staff. There is also a campus management team, responsible for on-site issues and logistic support. A student services team deals with day-to-day student issues and hosts student programmes. The admissions team manages the enrolment process. There will also be a career planning service and a team to coordinate alumni association activities. Finance officers safeguard a university’s assets, creating financial plans and implementing financial regulations and procedures.

So, as you can see, there are ample university career opportunities! You will find that working with these employers will provide you with flexible employment arrangements so that you can maintain a healthy work/life balance. Moreover, as the leaders in adult education, you will find that they encourage innovation and excellence across the board where each employee has the opportunity to participate in a performance development program. If a university role is something that has interested you, but you are not quite sure, here are Public Service Resumes’ top five reasons you should consider;

Five Reasons to Consider University Career Opportunities

Be part of something bigger

Within universities, you have the opportunity to work alongside educators, researchers and scholars who create knowledge that benefits the community and our country. Together, they work to educate Australia’s future leaders, and by seeking a role in the industry, you have the chance to be part of something bigger. Whether you are contributing your own expertise as an academic, or you can leverage your organisational skills in a support role, you can make an impact where your role matters whilst having the chance to work with some of the brightest thinkers in the world.

Help to shape the future

Universities combine a historical tradition of leadership with outstanding innovation in education and research. With strong track records of successful graduates and a pioneering vision, talented experts and creative thinkers within the industry are building the future. No matter what role you are seeking within a university, they can be the ideal opportunity to work alongside agile minds to develop your own abilities and flourish in your career.

Learn how to challenge traditional ways of thinking

World-class research and innovation occurs when disciplines meet and complement each other. As such, you will find that most universities have faculty and research teams that are cross-institutional. Working in such a dynamic environment means that you will have the chance to be at the forefront of global issues and contribute to solutions by drawing on your colleagues’ knowledge and applying your own expertise.

Work in a diverse and welcoming community

Most universities provide an exceptional working environment where you will feel part of a team, and your individuality will be valued. They actively promote whole-life balance with flexible working hours, various types of leave, and chances to grow yourself personally, as well as professionally. Career mentorship and development is another focus, and with rigorous values and codes of practice in place, you can be certain that people from all backgrounds and ways of life are supported and welcomed.

Work in an exciting and fast-paced industry

Universities are pivotal in shaping our future and place great focus on strategically encouraging national and international partnerships and global connections. Our universities, in particular, pride themselves on promoting high-quality education and ground-breaking research that not only contributes to our local communities but extends to tackling global problems. You will work with and support eminent academics, cutting-edge technology and leading researchers!

As you can see, the higher education realm offers incredible professional career opportunities in diverse roles. If you want to engage with brilliant minds, are not afraid to push boundaries, and want to make a difference, then you are headed in the right direction. So, if you have decided that you want to pursue your university career opportunities, or perhaps you already have a foot in the door and are seeking a new role within the industry, then talk to Public Service Resumes for all of your application needs.