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Public Service Resumes have a line up of accomplished Accountant – Finance Resume & Selection Criteria writers whom thrive in completing Government applications. As an Accounting student, recent graduate or a professional with existing, current or no Government working experience, a role within the Australian Government Accounting and Finance departments is a great way to make your mark, build professional skills and contribute to key Government priorities. The Australian Government are active in seeking talented individuals who are open minded to possibilities, such as economists, accountants, financial analysts, as well as a host of other occupations, including public policy, administration and social sciences.

One of the first orders of obtaining a position within the Australian Government is completing a professional and effective, Cover Letter, Resume and Key Selection Criteria that will open the door to interviews and job offers. Writing an application for the accounting and finance sectors can bring a wide set of challenges; namely, choosing what professional and educational statistics to include or leave out and figuring out how to produce a Resume and responses to the Key Selection Criteria that highlight your skills and talents. When sending through your application, it is imperative to ensure that you represent yourself in the best possible light. To ensure that your application is well received, it is important to focus on the key elements of the position description and link them to your responses to the Key Selection Criteria, as well as within your Cover Letter, and Resume.

A well-written Cover Letter will ensure that you make a good first impression and highlight to the interviewing panel that you have the skills, experience and attributes that they are looking for. It is important that you outline your key skills and experience, and illustrate how these are relevant for the role that you are applying for. For this reason, it is necessary for you to tailor each letter to the specific requirements of the role. Although this may take a little longer, it will ultimately pay dividends. The Accounting & Finance Professional writers at Public Service Resumes Accounting & Finance Professional Writers can take the stress out of wring a Cover Letter that accurately links your skills and experience to the accounting or finance position that you are applying for.

Each industry and profession presents unique Resume writing challenges, and the Accounting and Finance sector is no different. If you are interested in pursuing a career within the Australian Government, it is important to highlight your success factors, including quantitative statistics to support achievements, versatility and diversity, skills such as Accounting procedures or Financial analysis functions that you perform routinely, in addition to technical skills and qualifications. Documenting these capabilities will illustrate the breadth and depth of your experience and highlight why you will be a valuable Australian Government employee. If you are seeking to move into a new accounting or finance department, progress into a leadership position, or are simply starting out your career with the Australian Government contact Public Service Resumes today for an obligation free quote.

Your responses to the Key Selection Criteria are crucial to increase your chances of being a successful applicant for finance and accounting roles within the Australian Government. As such, your responses should be clear, concise, and clearly demonstrate how you best suit the position criteria through your knowledge, skills, including transferable skills and experience, and if applicable, your formal qualifications. The Accounting & Finance Professional Writers at Public Service Resumes have an intimate understanding of how to address key selection criteria for Accounting & Finance roles within the Government at Local, State and Federal levels.

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