Opening The Door

Opening The Door



Are you looking for a public service career? Public Service Resumes are your government application specialists. 

Australia is a considerably large country and running it is a pretty big job! Three levels of Government – Federal (APS), State and Local (Council) – work together to serve Australia. These three levels of Government work together to govern Australia. Each level has different responsibilities and is vital in keeping Australia running. Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident who can communicate effectively in spoken and written English? Can you confidently  deal with various people? Are you proficient in using computers or prepared to learn?  If so Public Service job is more attainable than you might think. There is an amazing array and amount of jobs advertised at all three levels of Government.

The Australian, State and Local level of Government employ people from various backgrounds, experiences and qualifications and provide access to a range of professional development opportunities. You may be an early school leaver, looking for a career change or returning to the workforce as an existing or non-existing Government employee. No matter your working background, skills, knowledge or experience, a diverse career with a range of opportunities within the Public Service is attainable.  You will be able to expand or develop your professional and personal skills, enjoy good working conditions and benefits and have an opportunity to make a difference to your local community, State or Australian Government. The jobs are varied and rewarding and give personal satisfaction to know you are making a difference in your local community or within the State or Federal Government sectors.

All three levels of Government offer different types of services and have different sets of responsibilities they offer.

The first level is Federal Government (APS). The Federal Government has the power to create laws for the entire country and every day events that affect all Australians. The Federal Government is responsible for:

  • Defence, Immigration and Border Protection,
  • Trade and Commerce, Airports and Air Safety
  • Employment, Post and Telecommunications
  • Unemployment Strategies
  • Foreign Policy
  • Social Services including Pensions and Family Support
  • Medicare and Health Funding
  • National Public Works
  • Post-Secondary Education and Currency.

The second level is State or Territory Government level which contains Australia’s six states and two territories and can also create laws that are not covered by the Federal level of Government which includes such responsibilities as electricity, water, mining, agriculture and the following:

  • Education including Government Primary and Secondary Schools, curriculum and assessment, coordination and higher education;
  • Health including Public Hospitals, Nursing Services, Ambulance Services, coordination of Aged Care and Children, Youth, Mental and Community Health Services; and
  • Transport including Public Transport, Major Roads and Vehicle Registrations, railways, electricity, water, mining and agriculture.

The third level is Local Government.

This level of Government is made up of more than 560 councils across Australia and responsibilities include:

Road and footpath maintenance

Garbage collection

Town planning & building regulations

Infant welfare & child care


Park, garden and swimming pool maintenance

You can search the various Federal, Local and State websites including each state department or agency within your state if applicable. With a wide range of vacancies available including entry points for Graduates, Trainees, Cadetships and candidates with pre-existing or no Public Service experience. Employment Registers, also known as Temporary Registers or Temporary Pools, is a cost effective and time efficient way for candidates looking to get their foot in the door to the Public Service.

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