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Do you need to market to a new prospect or expand? If so, how can you open the door to start building a relationship? Relationships lie at the heart of business success.  A Business Capability Statement is an effective way of building relationships because it helps you communicate what your company can offer. Importantly, it is a good launching point to be engaging and build trust – essential foundations for quality relationships!

Your Business Capability Statement can be up to ten pages and provide the reader a hard-hitting overview of your company’s product and service offerings, key personnel and qualifications.  Providing this  information helps prospective clients make initial determinations or sound decisions about your company’s credentials and track record. Additionally, it helps them decide whether you can perform the contract requirements. A powerfully written Business Capability Statement will differentiate your business from others. It will help to reinforce your business brand and value proposition in the minds of existing and potential new customers.

Your Business Capability Statement should include the following information: 

  • Past performance of your company (the type of work you have undertaken highlighting positive outcomes achieved which your target audience should expect to see)
  • List of customers /clients you have done business with, or most similar to the ones you want to do business with
  • Points about your products and services in the language that will appeal to your target audience
  • Key offerings or areas of expertise aligned against your marketing strategy
  • Accreditations, certifications, awards
  • Contact information
  • Company overview
  • Presentation

Public Service Resumes Business Capability Statements include a custom Company design ( not a logo )  for you and your company’s needs, created by our Senior Designer. Your specialist Business Capability Statement writer will use your consultations to discuss your design brief. A professionally designed business capability statement will not only reinforce your brand, but will enhance recall and retention of your key message, improve readability and engage your readers.

Tips for producing a quality, professional Business Capability Statement

  • Save as a PDF for cost-effective email distribution, and print extras in hard copy to hand out at trade shows or meetings
  • Consider producing a front cover for more formal use (such as tenders and presentations when requested).
  • Incorporate photography such as head shots for biographies and mastheads to quickly communicate the topic
  • Use infographics or data visualisation to explain and/or simplify business processes or methodologies
  • Keep sentences short and succinct, and use bullet points to improve the readability of your document
  • Type positioning, spacing and font selection should reinforce your corporate style

You must remember in Business people rarely come to you!  A Business Capability Statement is therefore one marketing tool available to help build your Business, lift your profile and promote your Company in the best possible light. Public Service Resumes specialise in completing Business Capability Statements and have a team of writers who are standby to assist you and your Business Capability Statements requirements.

Public Service Resumes have a number of senior writers with the experience and knowledge in completing outstanding Business Capability Statements that will best reflect you and your business. Call one of our friendly and trained consultants now to assist with an obligation free quote for your Business Capability needs.

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