Group Coaching and Workshops

Helping Employees Write Their Career Documents

Public Service Resumes offer group coaching and workshops for employers who are looking to assist their employees with coaching on how to complete professional written documents including Resume, Selection Criteria, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile as well as Interview Skills and Career Development Coaching. Creating an impressive set of career documents takes skill, knowledge and an understanding of industry trends and employer preferences, particularly for the public service sector. That is why the team at Public Service Resumes have launched a coaching and workshop service to share their expertise with companies. Whether your company is experiencing redundancies, or you merely want to support your employees in successfully reaching their career aspirations, our workshops are designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to apply successfully for a new role. This includes how to develop strategies for your resume, cover letter and key selection criteria or statement of claims to effectively present yourself to employers and recruiters on paper.

Being able to put together your own resume, cover letter, key selection criteria or statement of claims is a skill that benefits you for your entire professional working life. With our extensive and successful experience, solid industry knowledge, and understanding of employers’ needs, our team of coaches can teach you how to frame your application documents to significantly increase your chances in securing an interview. The team at Public Service Resumes understand that employers routinely look for certain characteristics and qualities in applicants and with coaches who have had extensive experience across a range of industries, Public Service Resumes know exactly what qualities to highlight. More importantly, we know how to put them into the words and phrases that are targeted for specific roles so that employers/recruiters will notice and respond favourably.

Our comprehensive workshops comprise a range of highly valuable topics that will provide you with a competitive edge. Specifically, our coaches will direct you in creating your own resume, cover letter and address selection criteria to attract potential employers. The end result will be a powerful marketing tool that will serve you well into the future. Your workshop experience will include;

An introduction to resume writing
  • Interpreting essential and desirable requirements and how to highlight them
  • Why an achievement-based resume will give you that point of difference
  • Identifying key words in the application to include in your resume
  • How to align your experience with the role you are applying for
  • Recognising and showcasing valuable transferable skills
  • Writing an effective professional profile to sell yourself
  • How a resume design can help you to stand out
An introduction to cover letter writing
  • The ideal length of a cover letter and what to include
  • How to tailor your language and pitch to the role
  • Key points and key words to include
  • How to inject some personality
An introduction to addressing key selection criteria
  • The differences and similarities between key selection criteria, statements of claims and extended cover letters
  • How to read and understand the role requirements and position description
  • The importance of providing comprehensive STAR responses
  • The sole purpose of addressing key selection criteria

Our interactive workshops are ideal for anyone looking at starting a career, taking on a total career change, re-entering the workforce, or wanting to secure that perfect job with a current or new employer. At the end of the workshop, participants will have learned about the art of career application writing and will have the knowledge to craft a set of documents that will pitch the achievements, skills and language at a level appropriate to the level of experience and role.

To benefit further from the workshop, Public Service Resumes offer personalised face-to-face group or one-on-one sessions with our coaches. During these sessions, our coaches will work with participants to elicit the information required to write the application documents on their behalf. This includes our coaches spending time with each individual to learn about their unique strengths and career goals, as well as helping them to understand the requirements needed for a particular role or industry. Through this process, our coaches will produce a resume and cover letter that will highlight each participant’s qualifications, skills and achievements. If there is a need to address key selection criteria, our coaches will also spend time garnering information to put together strong STAR responses and examples in the required format. Furthermore, to really provide participants with a competitive edge in the job market, we can also focus on putting together a LinkedIn profile.

Whilst a strong set of application documents can help clients get to the interview stage, they will never receive a job offer if they do not have effective interviewing skills. Most job seekers that we have dealt with approach interviewing in the wrong way. They think of job interviews as a ‘test’, something that they have to ‘pass’. Too often, this approach leads to scripted answers that do not flow, as well as increased nervousness when events do not go to plan, thus leading to stiff, stuttering performances during interviews. For workshop participants who feel they need assistance with their interview skills, our coaches can work with them to take a different approach. They will focus on providing participants with the skills needed to effectively present themselves to prospective employers in a way that showcases their benefits and strengths. This will assist them in presenting themselves in a manner that highlights to a potential employer that they can do the job and do it better than any other candidate.

With services suitable for all levels of personnel, from senior executives through to support staff, Public Service Resumes can tailor the workshops and one-on-one services to suit individual organisational requirements. Our coaches are experts in the field with a wealth of experience working with professionals across a variety of industries. They will provide your employees with practical application assistance, professional job search advice, and evidence-based approaches to be successful in interviews. Participants in our workshops also benefit from peer support and the sharing of knowledge and experience. At the end of our workshops, participants report feeling more positive and enthusiastic about their futures. They will also take away a toolkit of information and skills to make their job searching more successful.

PLEASE NOTE: Our workshops have been developed for companies only and we do not offer these services to individuals. All workshops are individually quoted, and the fee will vary depending on the workshop location and the number of participants.

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