Employment Registers


Public Service Resumes Government writers can help you create an Employment register. Employment Registers can be known also as Talent Pools or Temporary Employment Registers. They are created for roles that have been identified as in high demand within a variety of Government Departments, Agencies and Organisations at the Federal (APS), State or Local level of Government. The Australian Government and its Departments, Agencies and Organisations are constantly seeking out enthusiastic, motivated and team orientated individuals to join their diverse, growing team of professionals. Public Service Resumes team of Government writers are experienced in creating Employment Register applications for Australian local, state and federal government candidates. 

Are you looking to start your Public Service career but do not know where to begin? If so, Employment Registers can be a pro-active and cost effective method of doing so by only having to lodge one application for a Government Department, Agency or Organisation. Employment Registers will make it possible for you to be identified as suitable candidate for a wide range of roles. These will be identified based on the skills, capabilities and experience you provide within your application.

The requirements on how to submit your application will differ depending on the Local, State or Federal level requirements. However, generally you will be required to upload your Resume, Cover Letter and respond to one or two Selection Criteria questions. These will be based around what makes you a suitable candidate together with your skills, experiences and qualifications. The benefits of Employment Registers include opening the door to a career within the Public Service, gaining career experience and skills within your preferred Department. Additionally, by lodging one application the government can match you with various roles that suit your skills.

Government Writers

Our skilled writers understand what relevant information you must highlight within your application. They know how to complete your application to the highest possible standard. Each Government Department, Agency or Organisation sector will determine the application method for current Employment Register opportunities. A brief explanation and helpful information for each state and territory is provided below for your convenience.



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