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In most cases, your Resume and Cover Letter alone will not be enough to secure an Australian Public Sector job. When applying for a vacancy it is more than likely you will be asked to address Key Selection Criteria or other relevant information as specified within the position description or advertisement details. Selection Criteria are specific competencies, responsibilities or questions considered essential to performing the duties of the position. The Interview or Selection Panel will be assessing your responses to the Selection Criteria by evaluating your skills, abilities, experience, qualifications and training as well as your capacity to perform the required job duties at the necessary level. Public Service Resumes Selection Criteria Services include per point or statement of claims.

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Public Service Resumes Selection Criteria Services including Statement or Capability Statements will be a vital part of your application.In many job applications, written Selection Criteria are broken down into ‘essential’ and ‘desirable’ qualities. You must be able to demonstrate the essential qualities that are necessary for the position. If you can also demonstrate the desirable qualities, this will strengthen your application. The type of responses that are required to be written for Selection Criteria for Government positions will depend on the kind of job you are applying for. Different departments or levels of Government will require different kinds of competencies, responsibilities or questions that directly relate to the positions that they are advertising.

When you find a suitable role where you are required to provide a response to the Selection Criteria you need to ask yourself “do I meet the criteria for the role advertised?”. If you do not meet the criteria, consideration should also be given to your transferable skills. Many candidates are not aware that your transferable skills are applicable when compiling your responses to the Selection Criteria and, if relevant, will be taken into consideration by the Interview or Selection Panel.

The most essential aspect of addressing Selection Criteria is to provide information through relevant examples and to support your claims with authentic, specific descriptions of how you have best met each Selection Criteria question through work, study or community involvement including voluntary work. Most Government Key Selection Criteria will require you to address the Selection Criteria via the STAR method which is Situation, Task, Actions and Result. Another common way is the SAO method which is very similar –  Situation, Action, Outcome. The amount of words, pages or character limits you are expected to provide per question or for the entire Selection Criteria will depend on the Government level or Sector in which the vacancy is advertised. You will find this information in the advertisement details or within the role or position description of the vacancy.

Public Service Resumes writers thrive in completing Key Selection Criteria and we offer the following Selection Criteria services below:

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Your highly qualified, helpful and friendly specialist Government writer will tailor-write your documents after obtaining all the information they require via a consultation. This consultation will be scheduled for a time that best yourself including outside business hours or weekends. Your writer will be available throughout the whole process for support and assistance, not just  the  consultation. We have a wide range of Public Sector writers with different backgrounds and capabilities on standby and ready to help you with your Government application today.

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Our qualified and professional editing team are highly trained and experienced in editing Public Sector documents. Once your documents have been completed by your writer, it is sent to the editing team where your documents will be proofread by a second set of eyes and checked for quality, spelling and grammar. Our editors are trained to notice any areas of improvement and will implement any information that will further enhance the quality of content within the document.

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The Public Service Resumes support team consists of a mixture of administration, team leaders and support staff including your writer that are committed to ensuring quality service, a seamless process and the full support you may require throughout our process and post-service.