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Public Service Resumes Government Cover letter writing service can take the stress out of writing a Cover Letter and accurately link your skills and experience to the position or positions that you are applying for. A well-written Cover Letter is essential to ensuring you make a good first impression and you have no inconsistencies in the documents you submit. It is important that you outline a snapshot of your key skills, experience, and illustrate how these are relevant for the role that you are applying for.

To maximise your chances of being a successful applicant, each role you apply for should have a tailor-written Cover Letter that encompasses the specific requirements of the role. For this reason it is important that you tailor each letter to each individual application. Although this may take a little longer, it will ultimately pay dividends. We understand that you are a busy professional and the last thing that you feel like doing when you come home from work is writing a letter about yourself. So, when you get home, sit down, put your feet up and relax, pick up the phone and let the skilled team at Public Service Resumes highlight your most appropriate skills and experience in a way that is guaranteed to increase your chances of securing an interview.

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Public Service Resumes Cover letter writing service is a one page document that can be tailor-written for an application or we can create a more general or generic content-based Cover Letter which will be applicable for a wide range of positions that fits your skill sets and experience. Public Service Resumes standard Cover Letter writing service does not address key selection criteria, capability statements or any other type of criteria that may be required for a vacancy. Public Service Resumes Government Cover Letter writing service is an introduction to your Resume and a short outline of how you are the most suitable candidate for the vacancy. If you are unsure if you are required to address any Selection Criteria within your Cover Letter, simply submit the link or attachment to the job advertisement now for obligation free assistance.

Public Service Resumes offer the Government Cover Letter writing service for candidates at the following levels:

Graduate Graduates, Trainees, Apprenticeships or early school leavers
Professional Candidates targeting a salary range of up to $80k or APS Level 5
Executive Candidates targeting a salary range from $80k to $120k or APS Level 6+
Senior | Executive Candidates targeting a salary range of $120k+ or EL1+

Public Service Resumes boasts a significantly high success rate for the clients we assist. Our Cover Letter writing service, as with all our documents, come with a 45 day review and feedback period so we can ensure you are 100% satisfied with your documents.

Public Service Resumes Government Cover Letter writing service includes the following:

  • Extensive and thorough phone consultation with an accomplished, professional Public Sector Cover Letter writer
  • Subsequent consultations available, if required, to gather any further information
  • Professional Cover Letter editing service by qualified editor
  • Full 45 day revision and feedback period
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Editable Office Word document
  • Discounted Selection Criteria
  • Discounted LinkedIn Profile
  • Discounted Resume Service
  • Unlimited 24/7 support
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