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While the advantages and benefits of having a LinkedIn Profile can help open up doors to opportunities that may never have existed previously, having an incomplete or unprofessional LinkedIn Profile can have a detrimental effect and portray a negative impression of being lazy or having a lack of attention to detail. If you choose to create a LinkedIn profile, make sure you call the team at Public Service Resumes and utilise our LinkedIn Profile writing Service to ensure that your LinkedIn Profile is prepared properly and utilises everything that LinkedIn has to offer.

Whether you are a Graduate or a highly successful Executive, a professionally written LinkedIn Profile can assist with opening up doors to opportunities and networks. Before LinkedIn existed, it was virtually impossible to connect directly with potential hiring managers, bosses or even other individuals who share similar skills and job titles to your own. With LinkedIn, not only can you create an online marketing profile that demonstrates your expertise and value, but with a click of button you can begin networking. A wide variety of Government departments are now using social networking such as LinkedIn when it comes to hiring or head-hunting new talent. Even if you are not actively seeking a new job, just by having an account could change your career.

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When a recruiter or human resource manager first reads your LinkedIn Profile, they will typically make your opinion of you within the first 20 seconds. As such, it is important that you have a professionally written and completed profile that includes up-to-date information about your skills and experience to automatically get the reader’s attention. Including key achievements, examples of projects and value added skills will further maintain the reader’s attention and create the positive first impression that you need. Most importantly, you must ensure that your profile is nigh of errors, is grammatically correct and makes sense, and that it does so in a quick and consumable manner. Recruiters are busy. They may be genuinely interested in you, but they will appreciate you more if you can get your points across clearly and succinctly.

Opening Up Doors To Opportunities & Networking

Public Service Resumes offer the LinkedIn Profile writing service for candidates at the following levels:

Standard – candidates targeting a salary range of up to $80k or to APS level5
Senior – candidates targeting a salary range from $80k to $120k Salary per year or APS 6+
Senior | Executive – candidates targeting a salary range of $120k+ or EL1+

Public Service Resumes boast a significantly high success rate for the clients we assist, our LinkedIn Profile writing service, as do all our documents come with a 45 day review and feedback period so we can ensure you are 100% satisfied with your documents.

  • Extensive and thorough phone consultation with an accomplished, professional Government LinkedIn Profile writer which includes training and coaching to better maximise your LinkedIn Profile
  • Guide upon completion to utilise for updates in the future and better maximise your LinkedIn Profile experience
  • Subsequent consultations available if required to gather any further required information
  • Professional LinkedIn Profile tailored custom design by the design team
  • Professional LinkedIn editing service by qualified editor
  • Full 45 day revision and feedback period
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Unlimited 24-7 support
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