Private Sector Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Private Sector Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services

Whilst our name might indicate otherwise, the team at Public Service Resumes are also highly skilled and experienced at supporting clients to apply for a diverse range of roles in the Private Sector. No matter what industry you are experienced in, our team of quality Resume and Cover Letter writers possess extensive knowledge of the Australian employment market and will work with you to create an interview-winning job application. With extensive theoretical knowledge, as well as strong and diverse experience across myriad industries, our team offer the ‘know-how’ to communicate your skills and achievements effectively with all types of organisations. Our writers have had substantial experience producing tailored, concise and engaging Resumes, Cover Letters and LinkedIn Profiles, and work with you to assist you to uncover what you have to offer to potential employers within the private sector.

If you have been applying for jobs but not hearing back from employers, then chances are you are just not getting noticed. Everyone knows that first impressions count and in today’s competitive job market, it is essential that your documents stand out from what could often be hundreds of applicants. That thought alone is stressful enough, let alone then trying figure out how you can give yourself that point of difference. That’s where the team at Public Service Resumes come in – we do all that hard work for you to make certain your chances of getting noticed significantly increases. One of our Resume writers will work with you to extract your experience, skills and achievements, and then present them in a way that will have the recruiter calling you wanting to know more. Using a clear, professional format and one of our hundreds of templates that have been put together by a professional Graphic Designer, we can tailor your Resume to your ideal role and industry.

In addition to a stand-out resume, a well-written Cover Letter can enhance your job applications and chances of being shortlisted. Conversely, if you submit a poorly presented and prepared letter, or none at all, employers will probably not bother to read your application. Unless it has been specified not to include one, a Cover Letter is an important aspect of an effective application and serves to provide a more personal introduction, as well as to outline how you meet the requirements of the role. Our team of writers at Public Service Resumes pride themselves on their ability to produce persuasive and customised Cover Letters. They demonstrate the relevance of your application, highlight your key skills, and explain why you are the best candidate. To demonstrate that you go above and beyond, cover letters should be specific to each job application. As such, the team at Public Service Resumes can write a customised Cover Letter targeting a particular role, or a general Cover Letter that you can easily adapt to different positions.

Whilst not seen as much in the private sector as the public sector, statements or selection criteria can sometimes be a requirement for applying for a role. These documents provide you with the chance to back up any claims that you have against role requirements and give evidence of your key skills, experience and attributes. The Writers at Public Service Resumes have extensive experience in preparing statement and selection criteria responses for private sector roles and can assist you to produce a successful job application. We build your responses using the tried and tested STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) model to clearly illustrate your suitability to the job. One of the biggest aspects we find that clients have difficulty with is coming up with suitable examples to meet the STAR model. Because of our extensive experience in writing such documents, you can be sure that your Writer will guide you and ask all of the right questions to extract exactly what is needed to put together a high-quality application.

To complement your new resume and application documents, it is essential these days to ensure that your online presence reflects a positive and professional image to potential employers and what better way to do that than with a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and is a key resource for recruiters and employers searching for candidates. A complete, optimised profile will give you a competitive edge over other job seekers. Here at Public Service Resumes, we can work with you to;

  • Provide tips on how to manage your profile and build your network
  • Set up your account if you do not currently have one
  • Develop a keyword optimised profile for you
  • Highlight key achievements

As you can see, the team at Public Service Resumes offers it all – and not just for the public sector. Whether you are working in the private sector and are looking for a similar role, are seeking to enter the public sector or vice versa, we can assist you to put together a high-quality package that you will feel confident in presenting to that next potential employer. And once those interviews start rolling in, we also offer interview skills coaching so you can be sure just what to say to win that next role. If you are ready to enhance your job seeking confidence and have a set of documents that proudly present your skills and achievements, then contact the team at Public Service Resumes today. We offer free document appraisals, as well as obligation-free quotes.

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