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Product Description

Industry Specific Resume Design

Whether you are highly experienced, or an entry level graduate, this industry specific resume design will effectively portray your qualifications, skills and experience. Perfect for telemarketers, personal assistants, or telephone sales professionals, this design clearly sets the scene for your specific industry. The distinctive and eye-catching front cover design is complemented by a crisp and clean look through the content pages; therefore demonstrating the professional balance you bring to your work.

Australia’s Best Resume and  Selection Criteria Writers

Standing out from the crowd and making a good first impression with this industry specific resume design may be the most important part of the application process, you need to draw the reader’s attention to your documents and perk their interest. Public Service Resumes range of eye-catching resume designs will be sure to make the desired impact required to draw the Selection Panel attention and leave the Selection Panel wanting more.

Public Service Resumes range of design choices is giving our clients an idea of the structure and look of each design, the content is only an example, all Public Service Resumes documents are tailor written and the content will depend on the client background, skills and current circumstances. Every Public Service Resumes design can be altered to suit your personal taste however this is something your writer will discuss in detail via your personal consultation. All Public Service Resumes documents include a 45 Day Review and Feedback period and are provided to you in an editable office word document. Most importantly our work is backed with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to ensure your satisfaction with our services.

Public Service Resumes is Australia’s leading Resume and Selection Criteria writing service for Government applications at Local, State and Federal levels, call now for obligation free assistance or a detailed quote!

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