Personal Online Resume by Public Service Resumes

Personal Online Resume by Public Service Resumes

For many years, paper resumes have been the way to present your skills, qualifications, experience, and other characteristics to a potential new employer. However, in the 21st Century, slowly, but surely, this is changing. In today’s digital world, a lot of important communication now takes place digitally; why should this be any different with the resume. That is why some applicants are switching over to an online resume – a contemporary variant that sets you apart from competitors and is definitely appreciated by certain employers.

Australian Public Service (APS), State Government, Local Government Council and Private Sector recruiters have a mammoth task of finding just the right applicant and often they are required to sift through hundreds of emails and resumes. It is always the ones that stand out the most that first catches their eye and makes the biggest impact, and what better way to achieve just that than with a Personal Resume Online. Just like the traditional paper resume, your online resume website will display your education, skills, achievements, and previous positions or projects you have worked on. But it does not stop there. Thanks to the innovative platform of the World Wide Web, your Personal Resume Online can also demonstrate your professional aspects in a way a paper-based document cannot. Whether you want to show off your graphic design portfolio, provide links to outstanding projects you have contributed to, share links to articles you have written, or give visual demonstrations of statistics; it can all be achieved online.

With social media use at an all-time high, you can be guaranteed that a potential employer or recruiter will look you up online. You might think your presence on social media is enough, but the fact is, platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram often portray a less-than-desirable image of you, even if you think you have no embarrassing moments there. When employers are looking for someone like you, with your set of skills, you want to guarantee that they can come across your Personal Resume Online, with, or in replace of, the other potential applicants. By having a digital resume, you can create the ideal online presence, and to your advantage, you are getting your face, name and skills out there into the wider world of work; and it will only bring good things your way.

Once you have your Personal Resume Online and a solid online presence, you will be more likely to check your inbox or apply for jobs, because it is that much easier. With only a few clicks and a submit button, your online resume is constantly up-to-date and reflecting what you want to show the potential employers, and this just makes it that much faster to find jobs and to apply to them. Moreover, when a recruiter or potential employer does an internet search on your name, whether you applied for the role or are being headhunted, your Personal Resume Online will be the pot of gold that comes up in their search.

The digital resume is quickly moving forward along with recruitment and job searches, each and every day. By creating a Personal Resume Online you are setting yourself up for more opportunities and making yourself readily available for what jobs and offers may come your way.

Contact the team at Public Service Resumes today to discuss how we can tailor a Personal Resume Online for you. In doing so, you can be sure that you will get yourself noticed for all the right reasons.

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