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Finding the perfect match: How to determine if a job is right for you

Usually, the job application process is seen as an opportunity for the employer to see if you are a good fit for their organisation. As the job market is highly competitive, many applicants are tempted to take any job on offer.

Of course, financial or other constraints can sometimes make this unavoidable. However, for the best career prospects, the applicant should assess if the organisation is suited to them.

After all, we all want to enjoy our work and get on with our colleagues.  But how do you know if a potential job is a good fit for you? A job interview provides the perfect opportunity to do this, but you can also learn a lot by researching a company online.

IndeedCurtin University and Emanate Technology provide tips on assessing whether a job is a good fit for you.

Online research

You can find out a lot about a company by researching them online. Look up the company’s website and social media pages. See if you can find their vision and mission statement.  This will help you determine if your values align with the company’s


Consider the company’s culture

Consider whether you will find the company an enjoyable place to work. Are their expectations in line with yours? What is the work environment like?

An interview provides an excellent opportunity to assess a company’s culture. When you arrive at the interview, see what you observe. What are people’s attitudes? How are they dressed?

Be sure to ask questions about culture during the interview. For example, ask your interviewer why they enjoy working for the company, how the company recognises its employees, achievements, and what the team members’ personalities are. You could also ask about the company’s management style and how teams work together. Asking these questions can provide an insight into what working for the company would be like.


Consider work-life balance

Is work-life balance important to you? Think about whether the role requires weekend or overtime work. If so, are these things you are willing to accept? Also, consider whether the role allows you to work from home or work flexible hours and whether these factors are important to you.


Consider how you interact with the interviewer

Your interactions with the interviewer can tell you a lot about the company’s culture. Consider whether the interviewer turned up on time, shook your hand and greeted you when you entered. Did they prepare questions to ask you? Did they take calls during the interview? Observing your interviewer’s behaviour during the interview can provide insight into their personality and whether it aligns with yours. Think about whether the conversation was easy. Easy conversation is a sign you will get along well with your colleagues.


Consider if the role will challenge you

If the role won’t challenge you, it might be a sign it isn’t a good fit.


Reach out to current employees

If you know anyone who works or has worked for the company, ask them about their experiences. Use the opportunity to gain insights into the role requirements.  You can also consider contacting current employees on social media sites such as LinkedIn.


Consider how you feel

Trust your gut. Often, you will be able to tell during an interview that a role isn’t quite right for you. If you leave a job interview with mixed feelings or pick up a bad vibe from the interviewer, this could be a sign the job isn’t right for you.

Deciding where to take your career isn’t always easy.

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