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Public Service Resumes Victoria nursing Resume Writers understand that nursing careers are as critical as ever.  We are passionate about helping nursing staff to begin or advance their career with the Department of Health Victoria. Our customers benefit from our dedication and experience. We pride ourselves on achieving consistent positive results for our clients.

Aligning Skills with Department of Health Victoria

Careers with the Department of Health Victoria are highly coveted. Therefore, you must highlight how your skills align with your desired role. You must also consider the values, vision, and strategic plan of the workplace and the broader Department. Our writers recognise the Department of Health Victoria is committed to developing and supporting a well equipped and highly motivated workforce.  They use tried and tested writing techniques to reflect this.

Integrating Core Values into Application Materials

Values of respect, integrity, collaboration, care, accountability, and innovation are at the core of all that the Department of Health Victoria does. Our experienced Writers will work through a comprehensive phone consultation process to ensure your experience is framed through the lens of these values. In addition to your nursing resume, you may also be required to submit responses to key selection criteria or a two-page cover letter. This could be in the traditional per criterion format or a statement of claims or a two-page cover letter. However, no matter the format, the key to a strong response is providing solid examples from your experience to verify your experience, skills, qualifications, and knowledge in line with the role.

Tailored Victorian nursing resumes

Are you applying for a graduate nursing role or do you aspire to be a nurse unit manager? our Victoria nursing Resume, Cover Letter, and Key Selection Criteria Writers know how to highlight your experience.  Public Service Resumes has advanced skills and cutting edge techniques in resume writing. We can effectively brand and target your nursing career documents. Additionally,  we know how to communicate your value to a potential hospital board with sophistication and style.

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