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The Australian Government can offer diverse and rewarding career opportunities for Legal professionals. For recent Graduates in particular, the access to ongoing training and professional development in their chosen legal field of specialty can be a significant drawcard. Unfortunately, these attractions and a generally slow job market in the legal industry can mean that there is strong competition for Government positions. Public Service Resumes Legal Resume & Selection Criteria writers are accomplished and experienced in completing unsurpassed high quality documents required for Legal Government vacancies.

Unlike the private sector, many Public Sector law jobs will not specify a required number of years of post-admission experience. Rather, selection is made on the basis of demonstrated competency against the Key Selection Criteria and capacity to fulfil the position’s core duties. This means that a Public Sector Legal position can offer a great opportunity to secure a role at a more senior level than may perhaps have been possible within a private firm. However, to achieve this, your application must set you apart from other candidates who may possess a similar or greater length of post-admission legal experience.

How our legal resume  writers can help you

The first step to producing a strong application for a Government Law position is to create a strong Resume. Most recent graduates have sought opportunities to work within the legal environment to acquire and demonstrate relevant experience. A high-quality Resume will focus on your positions placements and Voluntary Law roles. Additionally, it will emphasise the relevant transferable skills that have been acquired from those roles. The Legal professional writers at Public Service Resumes Legal Resume & Selection Criteria Writers are experienced in crafting Resumes. We help you demonstrate the relevance of your experiences to the qualities and skills  sought by the Public Sector.

How our legal cover letter writers can help you

Your Cover Letter will often be the first part of your application that the Selection Panel will read. Therefore, is critical to use your Cover Letter to demonstrate why you are applying for this position. Additionally, you must illustrate your skills and experience that will help you succeed in the role. It is important that you use the opportunity to provide a Cover Letter to demonstrate why the experience detailed in your Resume, combined with your personal attributes, makes you the right person for the advertised role and not simply to re-state your resume.

How our legal selection criteria writers can help you

You must demonstrate your competency against the role’s selection criteria to secure an interview for a public service legal position. Your criteria responses must be more than a series of broad statements. You must use specific examples drawn from your legal career (or in the case of a Graduate, from your study, Legal placements or other work experience). Use these examples to show how you have previously exhibited the knowledge or skills required. Our team of experienced Legal professional Selection Criteria writers are skilled at crafting responses that will allow the Selection Panel to envision you delivering positive outcomes and performing successfully in the workplace.

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