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Going beyond the short-term management of projects, successful Programme Management requires the ability to define, plan, implement and integrate every aspect of the comprehensive programme. Stakeholder engagement, communication skills and leadership capacity will all assist the Programme Manager in delivering intended programme goals and outcomes.

Particular Programme Management roles will require particular skills but it is highly likely that in your application you will want to highlight your demonstrated understanding of programme design and your ability to use appropriate service strategies to meet programme goals. It is also important to show that you understand budget development and cost tracking, both for whole programmes and the individual projects that may fall under that programme and that you are able measure and report on programme performance and outcomes.

When you have been in, or want to break in to, a career in Programme Management, preparing a good Resume can be challenging. While a ‘traditional’ Resume will focus on the position titles you have held, for an experienced Programme Manager or Programme Administrator your key strength lies in the programmes you have contributed to or  managed. Public Service Resumes Programme Management professional writers are experienced in tailoring resumes to the specific vacancy, drawing out the key strengths, skills and experiences that will make the Selection Panel want to find out more about you.

A good Cover Letter will clearly and concisely demonstrate the key skills, experience and attributes that you can offer to the role. If you have been intimately involved in a number of programmes over many years, it can be difficult for you to concisely explain your achievements in the page or two that is generally expected of a Cover Letter. We are experienced in interviewing our clients to draw out their key skills and achievements and then we can craft a Cover Letter that highlights your accomplishments and strengths and demonstrates their relevance to the advertised vacancy.

Selection Criteria responses for a Government Programme Management role will require you to demonstrate your skills and experience in the work context. It is essential not just to talk about the success of programmes that you might have managed or been involved in but to be clear and specific about your role in the success. What was your responsibility? What did you do? Most importantly, what did you do that was different to, or better than, what someone else in the same role couldn’t have done as well as you?  One of Public Service Resumes Programme Management professional Writers will talk through each Selection Criteria question with you and draw out strong examples that demonstrate your instrumental role in the success of programmes you have been involved in.

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