tips to progress your career

The path to promotion: Tips to progress your career

Are you looking for a promotion but not sure how to get there? Getting a promotion requires hard work, dedication, and putting yourself out there. So, how do you give yourself the best chance of a promotion?

Indeed and The Mandarin provide tips on improving your chances of a promotion.

Add value to your employer

If an employer can see you add value, they will be more likely to promote you. You can show your value by participating in workplace activities that broaden your skills and knowledge

Above all else, you should be striving to achieve the best results possible for the company.

Pay attention to people who have been promoted

Take a look at people who have been promoted in your workplace. See if you can identify any common personality traits or achievements. This can help you determine the skills and attributes you should develop to receive a promotion.

Be a team player

Teamwork is an essential skill in all workplaces. To give yourself the best chance of a promotion, you must show that you can work collaboratively with others.  

Develop a positive relationship with your boss

If you have a positive relationship with your boss, they are more likely to consider you for future opportunities.

Ask your manager

Present your case for a promotion to your boss or manager. Be direct and clear by asking questions like “Will I get a promotion this year?” or “How do I get promoted to manager?”.  In this conversation, highlight your job responsibilities, what you have achieved, and the skills and experience you have gained. Provide specific examples of how your contribution has benefited the organisation. If your employer provides any feedback, ensure you take it on board.

Get noticed

Look for opportunities to showcase your skills and knowledge. Volunteer to get involved in company-wide events. Ensure you dress professionally to make a positive impression.  Check-in with your employer regularly to see how they rate your performance.

Demonstrate your leadership skills

To progress your career, you will need to showcase your leadership capabilities. Take any opportunity to lead and motivate others such as volunteering to lead a team project. It is also worth developing skills that are associated with leadership. For example, good leaders have strong interpersonal skills, so this could be something you could work on.

Identify and solve problems

Take initiative and solve problems as they arise. Maybe your workplace could be more cost efficient, or there are obstacles to achieving its goals. You will be highly regarded if you can present solutions to these issues.

Display a strong work ethic

How you perform will be key to whether you get a promotion. Therefore, you must show initiative and drive and demonstrate you are fully committed to the organisation’s success.  Ensure you turn up on time and perform your duties to the best of your ability. Go above and beyond your job responsibilities when you can.

Network within and outside your organisation

Introduce yourself to people from different departments of your organisation. Aim to build your knowledge of the business. 

Motivate yourself constantly

Getting promoted isn’t easy. Often, it takes a lot of energy, focus and commitment to get there.

Remind yourself why you want and deserve a promotion. Reflecting on why you want a promotion will enable you to put in the effort needed to progress your career.

the path to promotion

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