Careers In Focus: Human Resources

Have you ever thought about a career in human resources? Are you looking for a job in human resources?

Whether you are fully qualified or about to enrol in a course, here’s a guide to the benefits of a career in human resources and how to apply for a job as a human resources professional.

According to IndeedEdith Cowan University,  and Prosple, working in human resources provides many benefits.

Benefits of working in human resources

Help others

Human resources professionals work with other employees to improve their professional development. They also support their colleagues in their career advancement and help create a positive working environment.

Contribute to an organisation’s growth

Human resources professionals help recruit and retain top talent and help provide employees with professional development opportunities.

Build a better workplace

Human resources professionals can help improve workplace productivity. They listen to employees’ needs and connect them with appropriate resources. For example if any employee is experiencing mental health concerns they may be referred to a counsellor 

Influence organisation’s development

Human resources professionals can influence decisions for the good of  the company and their colleagues.

Obtain career stability

Human resources roles are required at almost every organisation. They require strong interpersonal skills, which means they are protected from automation. 

Use problem-solving skills

As a human resources professional, you have to manage complex workplace issues. For example, you must ensure employees have positive relationships and manage budget and resource constraints.

Create a positive work environment

Human resources professionals influence the well-being and productivity of employees.

Work for people

Human resources professionals create a safe and positive workplace. They also help ensure other employees receive proper compensation and benefits. Active listening is also an important part of human resources to ensure you can meet the needs of employees.

Work with people

As a human resources professional, you get to work with a wide variety of people. Meeting various people makes human resources an ideal career for those who enjoy meeting and working with people.

Perform various duties

As a human resources professional you perform different duties every day. For example, you might perform administrative duties at your desk and then have meetings with your colleagues. The range of tasks performed makes human resources ideal for those who like variety in their career.

Work in a growing industry

Human resources is growing at a pace faster than most other industries. Being part of a fast-growing industry makes it easier to find work.

Transferrable skills

Human resources professionals must possess a variety of skills. These include managing and driving change, strategic thinking and planning, teamwork, building and managing culture, communication and negotiation and conflict resolution. Many of these skills are transferrable to other roles and professions. Therefore, developing these skills will hold you in good stead if you wish to change careers later on.

Facilitate inclusivity

Human resources professionals help prevent discrimination in the recruitment process. They create a welcoming workplace by providing sensitivity training and responding to employee concerns.


How to find jobs in human resources

Sites such as Indeed and Seek advertise private and public sector human resources positions.

Many local councils will also advertise human resources positions on their websites.

In addition, each state has its own job board such as  I Work For NSW   (New South Wales) or Careers Victoria  (Victoria). These allow you to search for government human resources positions in the state.

For those looking for work in the private sector, there are various sites, such as  Jobs In HR  and HR Careers, advertise various human resources positions.


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