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Careers In Focus: Social work

Have you ever thought about a career in social work? Are you looking for a job in social work?

Whether you are fully qualified or about to enrol in a course, here’s a guide to the benefits of a social work career and how to apply for a job as a social worker.

According to Indeed  and Randstad, a career in social work has various benefits.

Benefits of a career in social work

Variety of employment options

Social Workers work in various settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, government agencies, community centres, schools, non-profit organisations and private practices.

Social Workers can also specialise in different areas based on their skills and interests. For example, they may specialise in addiction, mental health or paediatrics.

Job satisfaction

Social Workers can assist people facing difficult situations by helping them develop strategies to manage challenges. They help people facing various challenges, such as poverty, illness or unemployment. They can also help people gain access to critical services.

Helping others in a positive way can provide a great sense of fulfilment.

Diverse tasks

Social Workers perform diverse tasks daily, making it an ideal career for those looking for variety. Social workers may visit clients at school, at home or in hospital. They may consult with a new client and are also responsible for maintaining administrative records.

Career advancement

Social Workers can undertake several qualifications to further their careers. As a Social Worker, undertaking qualifications will increase your chances of taking on more responsibilities and getting better pay. A licenced Social Worker can diagnose and treat patients with mental or behavioural health issues and provide counselling services. Social Workers can also undertake further training in drug and alcohol abuse to boost their career prospects. Some Social Workers become managers, administrators, or directors within a government agency. 

Develop transferrable skills

To be an effective Social Worker, you must possess various skills. These include empathy, communication and people skills, critical thinking, and cultural sensitivity. These are skills that will be transferrable to other roles and professions.

Positive job outlook

Demand for Social Workers is strong and increasing. The Department Of Education, Skills and Employment has identified social work as one of Australia’s most in-demand and fastest growing professions.


How to find a job as a social worker

Sites such as Indeed and Seek advertise various social work positions across Australia.

For those looking to work in the public sector, each state has its own job board, such as  I Work For NSW   (New South Wales) or Careers Victoria  (Victoria). These allow you to search for government accounting positions in the state.

The Horizon Career Centre allows you to search for social work jobs across Australia according to location. The Ethical Jobs site has a similar feature.

Many social work organisations such as Brotherhood Of St Laurence and Berry Street have a job search feature on their website which allows you to browse jobs according to location.

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