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Getting noticed: How to achieve your career goals from home

Do you enjoy the flexibility of being able to work remotely? Are you worried that this will limit your career progression?

The team at Public Service Resumes have been working at home for many years. However, for many working from home is a relatively new phenomenon. It has become commonplace in many industries including the public service.  So how can you ensure that you are fulfilling your career goals while enjoying the benefits of remote work?

Without seeing your colleagues day in day out, it’s only natural you won’t be exposed to as many opportunities to grow your career.

However, according to Forbes and Fast Company there are several ways remote employees can make sure they get noticed and don’t miss out on opportunities.

Build and maintain genuine relationships

When working remotely, you have to make more of an effort to keep in touch with people. You won’t run into colleagues in the tearoom or office corridor, so you must schedule time with them intentionally.

For example, it is critical you build relationships with senior managers. Set up meetings with senior leaders where you discuss the projects you are working on. According to studies, those who have strong relationships with leaders were 82% more likely to get promoted.

However, it’s essential that the connections you develop are about more than just getting ahead. Be sure to value the people that you spend time with and avoid just using them to get what you want.  Otherwise, people will start to see through you.

A positive side effect is that this may help overcome feelings of isolation that are commonly associated with working remotely.

Document your projects and achievements

It’s also essential that you clearly document the work you are doing. To see your value, colleagues need to know what it is that you’re working on. If people know what you are working on, they’ll be more likely to consider you for new projects and roles. You can either do this individually, sharing updates with your boss, or help set up a group project tracking system.

It’s also critical that you clearly document the work you are doing. To see your value, colleagues need to know what it is that you’re working on.  Also, you should clearly record any successes you have, whether they’re positive feedback from clients or successful implementation of a new idea, perhaps by writing them down in a book. By highlighting your successes, you will help illustrate the positive outcomes you bring to the organisation.

Be visible

In online meetings, turn your camera on. Having your camera switched on will enable others to see your body language and allow you to respond more effectively in conversations.

 Working remotely, you will likely find you have to work harder to increase your visibility.  Connect with others in your industry, in person and online. Volunteer in your community or join a professional association. Forming these new connections will allow you to be exposed to opportunities that you might otherwise never have thought of. It will also expose you to new ideas and ways of thinking and provide valuable opportunities for feedback.

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For those looking to enhance their career prospects in the public sector, Public Service Resumes has a range of services available. We can assist you with interview skills coaching, resume and cover letter writing and much more. Please contact us for more information.