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Interview to impress: How to land your next big role

Do you find job interviews stressful? Don’t know what to say? You’re not alone.

You can have the perfect resume and cover letter, but if you can’t nail a job interview, you won’t be able to secure the role of your dreams.

Have no fear because University Of Sydney Psychology Today Australia and Michael Page have a range of tips to help you put your best foot forward.

Do your research

Find out information about the organisation. What are their values? The About Us section of their website is an excellent place to find this sort of information. As well as demonstrating an interest in the organisation, thinking about this can also be helpful when considering questions you could ask at the end of the interview.

Reflect on what you have achieved so far. How can these accomplishments and skills benefit the organisation?

Practice commonly asked interview questions and how you might respond to them. Ensure your answers are concise and don’t contain too much jargon or unnecessary information.

Listen and answer carefully

When an interviewer asks you a question, take your time and don’t rush to answer. You should practice the concept of active listening. Active listening requires you to pay close attention, ensuring that you answer the question the interviewer actually asked, not the one that you were anticipating. Active Listening lets the interviewer know you have understood and are interested in what they are saying.  

Appear confident

Appearing confident is also key to a successful interview. Ensure you are making eye contact with the interviewer as much as possible, display good posture and give a firm handshake. Displaying good body language will help give the interviewer the impression you are confident. To increase your confidence, try imagining yourself succeeding in the interview or the role.

Share experiences

How did you address a challenge you faced? How did you adapt based on your circumstances? Employers want to know more than just a list of things you have done; they want to know the outcomes resulting from your actions. Sharing your previous experience can illustrate the value you would bring to the organisation. Ideally, you would find an experience to draw upon for each of the position’s selection criteria.

Look and act professional

Make sure you dressed appropriately and well-groomed. While many modern workplaces have a relaxed dress code, that generally doesn’t apply in interviews. Make sure your clothes are neat and ironed and your shoes are shiny. Arriving late to an interview is a massive no-no and will almost certainly turn the employer off, so ensure you allow plenty of time. It’s ok to make the occasional joke in an interview but you shouldn’t swear or be too casual or familiar in your tone. Avoid fidgeting or playing with devices such as your mobile phone.

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