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Why work in the public service? Good question…what we meant was why you SHOULD work in the public service

Regardless of your interests and areas of expertise, a career in the public service can be suitable for almost anyone. Here, we bust some common myths about the public service.

It’s all just politics

Who even likes politics? If you want to watch people shouting at each other, you can just watch Married At First Sight.

The good news is the Public Service is about more than politics.

In the public service, you could work as an accountant or a lawyer. You could work in Tourism or the Arts. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Many of our most caring positions are part of the public service, including teachers, nurses and social workers, so if you like helping people, the public service could be for you.

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You have to live in Canberra

If you don’t like politics, you probably don’t want to live in a place full of politicians. Especially one that’s cold. 

We have some good news for you.

The Public Service can take you to the Gold Coast, Cairns or just about anywhere warm and politician-free.

Many public service positions can be done remotely, so you can live practically wherever you want.

The Victorian and New South Wales governments encourage their employees to ask for flexible working arrangements.

You have to work indoors

Calling all those with body odour and bad breath. If being stuck inside an office isn’t your thing, the public service could still be for you. Most councils employ roles such as landscapers and engineers, which are generally available to view on each council’s website.  

You get 52 weeks leave a year.

Contrary to some people’s expectations, you actually do have to work in the Public Service. But you are rewarded with generous entitlements.

Haven’t you noticed your teacher and police friends are always on holidays?

Many public service positions offer generous leave entitlements including annual leave, compassionate leave, defence, jury, cultural, training and study leave and generous superannuation.

It’s for old people

You don’t have to be an old cripple to work in the public service. Many state governments including the Victorian Government and New South Wales Government offer graduate programs. These programs are open to graduates of any field and can be completed in various government departments.

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Whatever your background, a career in the public service could be ideal for you.

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Whether you work in the public service or not, Public Service Resumes can help you take the next step in your career. Contact us today for more information.