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Public Service Resumes Government resume writing service is a valuable service for any professional targeting roles with the Public Sector. The Australian Local, Federal and State Government offers myriad entry level and high-level Government jobs presenting multiple opportunities. These positions offer challenge, stability, and generous compensation to help you to achieve your career goals. However, often potential candidates shy away from applying for Public Service positions due to the rigours selection process that they must go through. Generally this includes entering details on an online form, submitting a Resume, Cover letter and Selection Criteria, then sitting for further testing and an interview. Even the most experienced professionals find this daunting, stressful and time consuming. That is where Public Service Resumes Government Resume writing service comes in. Our highly professional team of Government Resume writers offer an essential service that can help you confidently navigate the process of creating and submitting a Government application that warrants an interview.

Without the support of a professional Government resume writing service, your Resume may not make it past the first review stage. Our team of expert writers have all worked for the Australian Public Service, State Government of local Council at some stage in their career, whether it be at Local, Federal or State level, and are well-aware of the expectations for government applications. Moreover, having worked with hundreds of thousands of clients over the years all over Australia, they have mastered how to draw out your relevant skills and achievements in order to create a professional Resume that stands out from the crowd. This is strengthened by the fact that our resume writing team remains abreast of all government hiring practices and uses only best practice to develop your government resume.

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Competing for a Government position, no matter what the level or department, requires an insider’s knowledge of the hiring practices used, as well as current employment trends. The team at Public Service Resumes has many years of experience and are skilled at writing to any scenario or circumstance, having worked with top-level executives, to new graduate recruits. We can help you translate your skills and accomplishments on to a Resume that will get you noticed. With writers located all over Australia, we have assisted many clients in their career endeavours and boast a high customer satisfaction rating. When it is time to take the next step in your career, contact Public Service Resumes and gain the competitive advantage that you need to succeed!

Our past performance in writing for Australian Public Service applicants targeting positions at Customs and Boarder Protection, Department of Defence, Australian National Audit Office, Department of Attorney General and Justice, and the Australian Taxation Office, to name a few, keeps referral clients lining up for our executive writing services. When it is time to take the next step in your career, an experienced resume writer who knows the Australian Public Service can be an invaluable ally. Competition for government jobs can be fierce – add to that the bureaucratic nature of the hiring process, and it is easy to see why so many qualified individuals are routinely passed over. Our highly experienced and professional team at Public Service Resumes can help you navigate the system and put your best face forward; making sure that your unique career experience is translated into terms recruiters can easily identify.

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Public Sector Resume writing is a detailed and highly personalised task. You will work directly with one of our experienced writers to create an application that is best suited for the roles that you are targeting. We are seeing more and more departments these days requesting a one- or two-page resume which presents a whole new challenge regarding what to include and how to best present yourself with so little content. Most people find it difficult, if not impossible to take an objective look at their skills and career. What to include, what to leave out, and what to emphasise are all questions that are stressed about. Our Government resume writing service team of professional writers have the skills required to elicit the most suitable information that will serve as the building blocks to creating a Resume that effectively communicates the value you will bring to the Australian Public Service, State Government or local Council. Once the content is complete, our in-house editor scours over your document for a final check to ensure that content and presentation are of the highest level. As an added bonus, your document is then sent to our professional design team who will present your content in a unique and highly professional format that will ensure you stand out from other applicants.

Just as most of us should not be our own doctor, lawyer, plumber or mechanic, we should not write our own Resumes. No one expects you to be an expert at something that you do once every two to five years or more. There is no way for you to have the skills and knowledge to create an interview winning resume. Some things are best left to professionals who do this every day! So if you want a professionally crafted resume that clearly demonstrates your past and future value to the Australian Public Service, State Government or Local Council contact the team at Public Service Resumes today for an obligation free quote and free review of your current resume.