Government Application Tips

Public Service Resumes has provided some helpful Government application tips and information which will help to dispel some myths about a professionally written Resume, Cover letter, LinkedIn Profile or Selection Criteria responses required for Government Sector job vacancies. When applying for Australian Government applications at the Local, State or Federal levels you may feel you are endlessly applying for roles with no success or acknowledgement on whether you were the successful candidate. This has to make you wonder is your application even being made to the desk of the selection panel or simply being placed in the trash! If you apply for a Government job vacancy and no not progress to the next stage of the job application you are entitled to have written feedback provided as to why you were specifically not the desired candidate. This will give valuable feedback about where you went wrong with your application and give some areas to focus on for your subsequent applications. Below are some Government application tips as well as things you need to be considering when preparing to apply for Public Sector vacancies.

Government Application Tips » Selection Criteria » Clear & Concise


Don’t waffle, be clear and concise

All most every advertised Australian Government job vacancy will require your responses to a Key Selection Criteria, Capability Requirement or other requirements as provided within the advertised job application details or position description. It is vital to meet all Criteria through either the relevant skills, work history, transferable skills or holding the appropriate licences or qualifications to be qualified for the role. You will need to focus on using strong examples that can clearly demonstrate how you have met or can meet each Selection Criteria requirement within the specified word, character or page limits. It can be difficult to understand the key words, professional language and type of examples you should be highlighting within your responses so you should always seeks feedback before finalising your responses to ensure you are on the right track and maximising the type responses you have provided. If you find the whole process a little daunting then contact Public Service Resumes today.

Government Application Tips » Resume » Less is More


Less is more, don’t overwhelm your application with too much or non-relevant information!

Selection Panels have hundreds if not thousands of job applications to mull over for advertised Government vacancies so you can only imagine they will not be interested in even looking at a Resume that is any longer than 5 to 6 pages in length. The last thing the Selection Panel want to be doing is spending their day trying to locate the relevant components to the role you are applying within your Resume. For candidates with extensive work history there is no need to record all your experiences and work history. Look at providing a summary instead of recording page upon page of non-relevant or information that is repeating itself, you should be highlighting relevant responsibilities and achievements or if this is not applicable your transferable skills that are associated with the role requirements and duties for the roles you are targeting. If you would like a free resume review simply contact Public Service Resumes and we can provide you with an obligation free assessment.

Government Application Tips » Cover Letter » First Impressions


How do you associate with the Government Department, Agency or Organisation?

Your Cover letter (if required) which is the introduction to yourself, the role you are applying and your Resume is a great way of letting your personality shine through and show your you will fit in with the Department, Agency or Organisations culture. Your Resume is the most part of your application and will be the initial document the selection panel will look at however your Cover Letter can make or break your application, this is a vital chance to connect with the selection panel and engage the reader to complete reading your application. Selection Panels for Australian Government Job applications want to see you have more than just experience, qualifications or the licences for the roles you are targeting. It is important to let your personality shine through, especially when your values and interests align with the Government Department, Agency or Organisation you are targeting your job application towards.

Government Application Tips » LinkedIn Profile » Online Presence


Where do your passions lie? Do they align with the Public Sector’s core beliefs and values?

Social Media! It is everywhere and everyone uses it but you need to be aware off your online activities, most hiring staff in today’s day and age will be searching for your online presence, this will usually tell them more about you  than your Resume will so it is important your online activities reflect the Public Sector core values and beliefs. This does not mean you can’t post anything online or be passionate about something. A great way of utilising this to your advantage is to have an up to date LinkedIn Profile. Do you have a LinkedIn profile set up or does your current profile need updating? Public Service Resumes have a number of Government writers whom specialise in creating and optimising the benefits of a LinkedIn Profile.

Government Application Tips » Edit and Review » Mistakes are Detrimental


Can you afford mistakes within your application? Have your documents been proofread?

Last but not least is the most important part of your application, getting someone to review and proofread the completed documents. After you have looked at the same document for an extended period of time your judgement and final thoughts on your Selection Criteria responses, Resume, Cover letter or LinkedIn Profile may be biased. Contact Public Service Resumes for an obligation free review or assistance with your Resume, Cover letter, LinkedIn profile, Selection Criteria responses or all of the above. Public Service Resumes have a team of professional Government writers who specialise in completing Government applications and can point out any applicable improvements or if required tailor writer your application start to finish. If you find the whole process to daunting, you are time poor or feel your documents only need updating contact the team at Public Service Resumes today for an obligation free quote.