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Kick start your job search: Best job boards in South Australia

Are you looking for work? Not sure where to start? No matter the industry or location, the internet is where you should begin your search. Studies have revealed one of the most common ways people find jobs is online. Sites such as Seek, Indeed or LinkedIn can be valuable resources for locating and comparing jobs across a range of industries and locations. However, there are a range of other industry and location-based job boards that you may never have even thought about.

Today, we are going to look at some key job boards with an emphasis on South Australia and the public service.

Public Service Jobs

Are you seeking a public service job in South Australia? The I Work For SA site is a valuable resource no matter which area of the public service users wish to work in.  The site allows users to search according to salary, location, job type and category. It includes an extensive range of public service jobs, including jobs in government departments, police and project management, as well as health and education.


Are you looking for a career in South Australian local government? There are a number of great places to look. The Local Councils SA site allows you to search job vacancies across South Australian councils according to location, category, salary and job type.

In addition, LGA Assist and Careers At Council are specialist job boards, ideal for those who are looking to work in local government. Both sites allow you to search for council jobs across South Australia and nationally. In addition, the sites also allow you to search according to job type and employment type (.e.g whether the job is full-time or part-time).


Are you a health professional looking to start or continue your career in South Australia? The SA Health site includes a comprehensive job search feature that enables you to search for jobs according to category, location and whether the work is full-time, part-time or casual.


Do you want an education career in South Australia? The South Australian Department Of Education site lists jobs across pre-school, primary and secondary as well as leadership positions. It includes a feature that allows you to search available jobs. You can view available positions or search for a position title. The site also includes an advanced search feature that allows you to search according to hours, location, year level and subject.


Is location your number one priority? For those looking to live regionally, there are several location-specific job boards in South Australia. For example, the Regional Development Australia Limestone Coast Job Board and the Regional Development Australia Yorke And Mid North Job Board. These include jobs across a range of industries, including the public service and are ideal for people seeking work in a specific location.

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