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Kick start your job search: Best job boards in Queensland

Are you looking for work? Not sure where to start? No matter the industry or location, the internet is where you should begin your search. Studies have revealed one of the most common ways people find jobs is online. Sites such as Seek, Indeed or LinkedIn can be valuable resources for locating and comparing jobs across a range of industries and locations. However, there are a range of other industry and location-based job boards that you may never have even thought about.

Today, we are going to look at some key job boards with an emphasis on Queensland and the public service.

Public Service Jobs

 If you are seeking a career in the Queensland public service, the Queensland Government’s Smartjob site is the best place to start. A key feature of the site is it’s job search function which allows users to search for jobs across the public service based on category, location, government department and salary. The site is suitable no matter which area of the public service users wish to work in, with positions advertised across a range of sectors. These include administration, legal, education and health. 


There are many career possibilities across local government. LGA Assist and Careers At Council are specialist job boards which are ideal for those who are looking to work in local government. Both sites allow you to search for council jobs across Queensland and nationally. In addition, the sites also allow you to search according to job type and employment type (.e.g whether the job is full time or part time).


Are you a health professional looking for a new job? Health workforce Queensland is a comprehensive job search site for those working in the Queensland health industry. Jobs advertised include general practitioners, allied health, physiotherapy and nurses. The site has an extensive search feature which allows you to filter jobs according to location, salary, type of work (e.g general practitioner or nurse). Users can also search for full-time, part-time, permanent or temporary work. The site has a strong focus on regional Queensland.


If location is what is important to you, there are a number of location specific job boards in Queensland. Location specific job boards are ideal for people who are looking for work in a specific geographic location, especially Regional Queensland.  For example, Jobs Hub Central Queensland is a place for people who are looking for work in Central Queensland. Jobs North Queensland is a site for people who are looking for work in North Queensland. Generally, location-specific job boards include positions across a variety of industries including the public service. Typically, they allow users to search according to location and industry.

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