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The opportunity to perform meaningful work through designing, implementing or reviewing Policy Frameworks makes Policy positions highly sought after in the Public Sector. Working in the Policy area, you are commonly expected to demonstrate highly developed communication skills. This can be tricky when it comes to preparing a job application because while you might display extremely high quality writing skills, when it comes to preparing Policy documents, briefings or advice, the application process requires a completely different type of document and writing skills. The skills of Public Service Resumes Policy Resume & Selection Criteria writers can be invaluable to any job applicant.

Another quality of Policy work that can provide a challenge when preparing a job application is that you often become something of a subject matter expert in a specific field or fields. The Selection Panel who are receiving your application for a new role will not however, possess the same in-depth knowledge about your areas of Policy expertise. This can make it difficult for applicants to demonstrate their previous success in the Policy field in a written application without providing a specific, narrow and highly detailed view of their skills.

The Public Service Resumes Policy professional writers are experienced in interviewing our clients to gain an understanding of their skills, experience and achievements and presenting this information in a way that is clear, concise, relevant and appealing to the Selection Panel. We will discuss your career history, education and other relevant experiences with you and produce for you a Resume that is more than a simple career summary. In the hands of your Public Service Resumes Writer, your professionally crafted resume will highlight all of the expertise, training, education, transferable skills and professional experience that set you apart from other applicants for the same role.

The Cover Letter is your opportunity to explain to the Selection Panel why you are attracted to and applying for this particular Policy role. In addition, a strong Cover Letter will clearly and concisely demonstrate the key skills, experience and attributes that you can offer to the role. It is important that you use the opportunity to provide a Cover Letter not simply to re-state your resume but rather to demonstrate why the Policy experience detailed in your resume (or your other relevant qualifications and experience if Policy is a new area for you), combined with your personal attributes, makes you the right person for the advertised role.

Selection Criteria responses for a Government Policy role will require you to demonstrate your skills and experience in the work context, describing an example using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) method. What was the workplace context in which the example occurred? What was it that needed to be done or delivered and what was your responsibility in the project? What actions did you take to deliver on those responsibilities? What was the result or outcome of your actions (hint: it should be a successful outcome!)? And throughout the example, what did you do that was different to, or better than, what someone else in the same role couldn’t have done as well as you? The Public Service Resumes Policy professional writers of experienced Selection Criteria Writers are skilled at crafting responses that will allow the Selection Panel to envision you delivering positive outcomes and performing successfully in the workplace.

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