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Our Northern Territory teacher resume writers understand what it takes to be an exceptional teacher. The unique responsibility that comes with shaping and guiding the diverse youth of the Northern Territory requires a resume that reflects the integral importance of your career as an educator.

Our team of Northern Territory teacher resume writers are experienced in developing engaging resumes for teachers across all stages of education, including early childhood careers, professional experience placements, highly accomplished teachers, and lead teachers. Each of these stages requires a different approach to presenting information, and nuanced differences between the content presented, the language used, and the tone applied.

The depth of experience of our Northern Territory teacher resume writers means that we will work with you to ensure we have the information required to achieve this. Familiar with the five strategies of the Education NT Strategic Framework 2018 – 2022, our resume writers are well versed in presenting your achievements framed through the five focus areas of school leadership, quality teaching, differentiated support, community engagement, and data and accountability.

Using this framework, we can provide you with the best chance of your application leading to an interview, and your dream role. Teachers in the Northern Territory teach approximately 34,000 children across 153 government schools, across 1.35 million square kilometres. 71 per cent of schools are located in remote and very remote areas, with 44 per cent of the NT’s total student population attending those remote schools. Some 44 per cent of students in the NT speak a language other than English at home.

Taking all of these crucial factors into consideration, our Northern Territory teacher resume writers will work with you to draw out directly aligned or transferable skills with regard to working effectively with students and families for whom English is an additional language. The Northern Territory is a special place, and our resume writers can support you through the creation of an exceptional resume that captures your value regarding achieving unprecedented engagement and achievement amongst a diverse cohort of students. If you want to know more about our resume writing services for Northern Territory Teachers, contact Public Service Resumes on 1300 283 368 or contact us online.

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