Careers in focus: Teaching

Have you ever thought about a career in teaching? Are you looking for a job as a teacher?

Whether you are fully qualified or about to enrol in a course, here’s a guide to the benefits of a teaching career and how to apply for a job as a teacher.

According to Indeed ,there are a variety of benefits to becoming a teacher.

Benefits to becoming a teacher

Working with children

Teaching provides the opportunity to guide students through their developmental years.

Helping students academically

It can be rewarding to assist students and help them overcome challenges. If students are struggling with a topic, you can provide them with specialised knowledge.

Teachers can also help students to discover and strengthen their interests.

Impact students personal lives

As a teacher, you can model empathy, positivity and communication skills to your students.

You can also share your passions with the class.

Giving back to your community

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to work with a variety of families and give back to the community in general. For example, you could be involved in community fundraising events.

Promotion of equality in education

Teachers have the opportunity to promote inclusion in the classroom.

Teaching allows you to work with students of varying backgrounds and abilities.

Strong professional network

As a teacher, you can connect with like-minded individuals and develop friendships.

You can share strategies to engage students and overcome challenges with your colleagues.

Consistent skill development

As a teacher, you work on various skills through your daily tasks including communication, organisation, time-management and leadership. You are also required to be kind, empathetic, dedicated and adaptable.

Fun and interactive

As a teacher, you can teach a wide variety of subjects. You also have the opportunity to build rapport with students 

Pursue creativity

From time to time, teachers can showcase their personality and participate in creative activities.

Long holidays

Teachers receive generous leave entitlements, including over Christmas and other public holidays. This gives you time to pursue your other interests.

Job Stability

A teaching career provides stable employment that is available in a variety of locations.


How to find teaching jobs 


The Queensland Government invites prospective teachers to apply to teach on the Teach Queensland site. Applicants will be contacted when positions that match their teaching and location preferences come up.  Alternatively, some teaching positions are advertised on the Queensland Government’s SmartJobs site. 

New South Wales

JobFeed is a weekly update of permanent and temporary teaching positions available in New South Wales. You can also search for teaching jobs on the I Work For NSW site.


You can create an online profile to be considered for the Job Opportunities pool. You can also search for jobs on the Department Of Education  or Careers Victoria website.

South Australia

You can view and search for teaching jobs on the Department Of Education  or I Work For SA websites. 

Western Australia

Those from interstate can submit an expression of interest form online to teach in Western Australia. You can also search for teaching jobs on the Department Of Education and Jobs WA websites.


Some available teaching positions are listed on the Department Of Education website. Alternatively, you can search for positions on the Jobs Tasmania site.

Australian Capital Territory

You can search for available teaching positions on the Jobs ACT site.

Northern Territory

You can search for teacher vacancies on the Teach In The Territory and the Northern Territory government  website

Catholic schools

Catholic school jobs are often advertised on Seek or in newspapers. Alternatively, sites such as Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools allow you to search for teaching positions at catholic schools. 

Independent schools

Independent school positions are often advertised on sites such as Seek or in newspapers. Alternatively, sites including IS Recruit allow users to search independent school jobs.


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