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Don’t worry be happy: Why your workplace should be a happy place and how to make it happen

Do you feel happy at work? Happiness in the workplace is as vital as ever. After all, the HRM Institute estimates we spend 90,000 hours of our lives at work. In addition, 92% of people reported that how we feel at work affects how we feel at home. The good news is the importance of being happy at work is now widely recognised.

According to Indeed and MiTraining there are many factors that promote the happiness of workers and several things they can do to increase their happiness.

Firstly, happiness at work isn’t just about employees. Happy employees will also benefit the employer.

Workplaces face many benefits if their employees are happier. Happy employees are more likely to

  •       Be retained and be loyal to the company
  •       Feel valued
  •       Have greater job satisfaction
  •       Be more productive
  •       Be more creative


Things that have been proven to increase happiness at work

It’s important to understand what makes people happy at work.

These are some things that have been proven to increase happiness at work. 


If you feel like you are achieving things at work and improving your skills, you are more likely to be happy.


Rewards for tasks well completed can boost job satisfaction and increase motivation.


Having control over your daily tasks makes you take pride in your work. You may appreciate your job more, therefore increasing happiness.


Forming close relationships with your peers will mean you  feel more supported at work. Often, the support of your peers motivates you to work together for the company’s success.


Tips to improve your happiness at work

Here are some tips to improve your happiness at work:

Know your work has meaning

It doesn’t matter what your role is. Responsibilities you perform often have immediate impact. Not only that, but you help meet company’s goals and the public may benefit.


Be prepared to recognise the achievements of you and others at work. Don’t forget to mark birthdays and personal achievements as well. The celebrations whether big or small will be sure to boost morale 

Organise group events

The more closely you know your co-workers the more fun you will have at work. Therefore, think about organising events that help you grow closer to colleagues and create a sense of belonging in the workplace. 

Get along with co-workers

Part of working in a team is navigating differences of opinion and varying personalities. Not everyone clicks with everyone else.

If you disagree with someone, pause before you respond.

Adjust how you interact with others with different attitudes to maintain your happiness. Not everyone will agree on everything. 

Develop a good relationship with your manager

Having a close relationship with your manager will make you feel supported and valued and help you achieve your career goals. If your manager is empathetic and understanding, this will further increase your chance of happiness.

Work Life Balance

To reduce stress, you must take time to relax after work each day.

An appropriate work-life balance can also increase job satisfaction.

Help Create Supportive & Inclusive culture

Make sure you respect all colleagues regardless of differences. Help others to feel a sense of belonging and respect.

Of course, a big part of happiness at work is finding a role you belong on that makes you happy.

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