Working better together: The key to successful teamwork

How well do you work in a team? Whether you like it or not, teamwork is an essential part of almost any workplace.

You must work with various people, often with different values, interests and skill sets.

Therefore, teamwork is a skill highly valued by most employers.

But how do you improve your teamwork skills?


Benefits of teamwork

According to Indeed, Hays and Seek there are many benefits to effective teamwork.


Increased effectiveness and efficiency

Working in a team allows individuals to focus on work specifically suited to their skills. Allowing team members to work in specialist areas helps improve efficiency.


Improved social skills and communication

Working in a team teaches you to communicate more effectively. Messages must be clearly communicated between team members.


Shared goals to work towards

Working together shows people that they can achieve goals as a group. By combining the skills of a group, much more can be achieved.


How to improve teamwork

Indeed, Hays and Seek provide tips on how to improve your teamwork skills.


Be humble and accountable

Acknowledge you don’t know all the answers and admit when you make a mistake.


Define each role

Effective teamwork relies on everyone’s role within the team being clear. Defining clear roles will ensure team members understand what is expected of them.


Be positive

Support other team members whenever you can. When problems arise, seek solutions rather than being negative.


Understand what you are trying to achieve

When working on group projects, a purpose is important. Every team member should understand what it is the group is trying to achieve.


Be flexible

Effective teamwork relies on flexibility and adaptability. Realise that there are different ways of achieving the same goal. Adapt your communication skills to suit those around you.


Listen to others actively

Pay attention to the verbal and non-verbal cues of others in your team. When other team members are speaking, pay full attention to what they say.  By actively listening, you’ll help ensure there are no misunderstandings with other team members and that everyone in the team feels valued and heard.


Show respect for others

Respecting others is important. Try to understand where they are coming from, even if you don’t agree with their views.


Have empathy

Always try to put yourself in another team member’s situation. Effective teamwork involves emphasising with other team members, even if you don’t agree with their views. By being empathetic to other team members’ concerns,  you can help reduce conflict.


Give constructive feedback

Feedback plays an important role in maintaining and improving team performance but always make sure it is constructive and specific. This will help ensure the feedback is valuable and taken in the right way.


Improve your time management

By managing your time effectively, you will encourage other team members to do the same. This will also help the team meet deadlines and also ensure you make a valuable contribution to the team.


Improve problem solving

When possible, work with others to solve a problem. Try to find consensus on solutions.


Take time to reflect

Sit down with other team members and reflect on how you could work better together. Doing so can help improve team performance.


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