The Big Switch: How to tell it’s time for a new job

How do you know it is time to change jobs? No matter how satisfying a job is, eventually, you will feel the urge to move on. However, it can be difficult to know when the time is right.

According to Psychology Today , Seek  and Upskilled there are some of the reasons you should consider changing jobs.

Reasons to consider

Poor culture/relationship with manager

No one benefits from a toxic work environment. If your workplace has a poor culture or you aren’t getting on with your manager, don’t just expect this to improve. If the situation is affecting your mental or physical health, it might be time for a career change.


You aren’t learning anything

Do you feel like you are going through the motions? Do you feel like you have mastered every aspect of your current role? Or do you feel like your work is never challenging? These are all signs that you have outgrown your current role, in which case it might be time to make a change.


You dread going to work

Most of us have times when we don’t want to go to work. However, if you dread Monday mornings or feel anxious before every shift, this is a sign you should consider moving on.


No clear path forward

We are all driven by ambition. If you can’t see any opportunities to advance your career in your current role perhaps you should ask yourself if it’s time for a change.


You want to do something different

Maybe you want to explore a new field or passion. That’s perfectly OK.


You envy other people’s success

Do you see other people doing what they love for a career and think why isn’t that me? These feelings are a sign you are looking for more from your career. If circumstances allow, don’t be afraid to make a change.


You have limited work-life balance

Having time away from work is critical. We all need to spend time with  family and friends and do things we enjoy. Do you spend every waking minute thinking about work or find it difficult to schedule social activities? Or are you feeling burnt out, tired or stressed? Try setting boundaries, like not taking phone calls or checking emails at night. However, if this doesn’t work it might be worth looking for a new role.


You’ve stopped thinking big

All of us should have career goals. Do you find you have lost track of your career goals or what you want from your career? It’s time to sit down and think about where you want your career to go and how you will get there. Perhaps you might benefit from a fresh start.


You don’t feel listened to or appreciated

We all want our work to be valued. If you work hard and commit to your role you should feel valued. Try talking to your manager and see how they respond. If you’re still not feeling valued, consider whether you might feel more valued somewhere else.

Leaving a job is a big decision. Many workplace issues can be resolved without the need to change positions by talking to your employer.  Before making the jump, you should always consider your financial situation, career aspirations and transferrable skills.

Equally, don’t be afraid to make a change if you can. We only live once and work should be as fulfilling and satisfying as possible.

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