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Careers In Focus: Law

Have you ever thought about a career in law? Are you looking for a job in law?

Whether you are fully qualified or about to enrol in a course, here’s a guide to the benefits of a legal career and how to apply for a job as a legal professional.

Indeed  and Gorilla Jobs highlight the many benefits of pursuing a legal career.

Benefits of pursuing a legal career

Intellectual stimulation

As a legal professional, your daily duties will provide you with challenges and mental stimulation.  For example, a legal career requires problem-solving and understanding complex legal theories.

Variety of career options

There are various career options in both the public and private sectors. Being a lawyer isn’t the only option. You can work as a legal assistant, paralegal or solicitor.

If you do decide to become a lawyer, you can choose an area to specialise in. For example, you can represent citizens in your local community, or work as a corporate or real estate lawyer.

Advancement and career mobility

In the legal profession, there are many opportunities for career mobility. For example, you could become a partner in a law firm, judge or magistrate. You could also move into a field such as corporate governance, compliance or legal policy.


While the legal profession is often associated with long hours and hard work, it can also offer flexibility. Legal professionals are often able to work from home, and many law firms also offer part- time positions and job-sharing arrangements. In some cases, lawyers are also able to hire personal assistants to help manage their workload.

Adaptable skills

Legal skills are often transferrable to other roles within the profession or even other professions. For example, lawyers are required to be good communicators and be able to problem solve, both of which are highly sought after skills. Legal professionals are usually required to have strong research skills, which are in high demand.

Ability to help others

A legal career provides the opportunity to make a positive difference to society. For example, you can help businesses and individuals solve legal issues. Achieving justice for these parties can provide great satisfaction. As a result, it can provide many emotional rewards.

Argue and debate

If you enjoy debating, a legal career could be for you. A career as a lawyer provides the opportunity to argue legal theories and debate interpretations of the law.


How to find legal jobs

Sites such as Indeed and Seek advertise private and public sector law positions.


The APS Jobs board allows those looking to work in the public sector to search for government legal positions according to location and salary.

In addition, each state has its own job board such as  I Work For NSW   (New South Wales) or Careers Victoria  (Victoria). These allow you to search for government legal positions in the state.

For private sector legal roles, the Legal Jobs  and College Of Law sites allow you to search jobs according to location.

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