Careers In Focus: Marketing

Have you ever thought about a career in marketing? Are you looking for a job in marketing?

Whether you are fully qualified or about to enrol in a course, here’s a guide to the benefits of a marketing career and how to apply for a job in marketing.

According to Indeed, there are many benefits to a career in marketing and communications.

Benefits to a career in marketing and communications

Opportunities to use your creativity

Marketing is an ideal career for those who enjoy creativity. Marketers develop innovative content presented across multiple platforms and use various skills from visual design to writing advertisements. Therefore, marketing can be a suitable career for those with expertise in graphic design, writing and film and video editing.

Fast growing career field

Marketing and communication professionals are in high demand. As technology evolves, companies need more marketing professionals to promote their brand in different formats. Marketers are constantly developing new ways to present products to audiences.

Long term employment

Marketing is suitable for those who are looking for a long-term, stable career. The nature of marketing roles means companies want marketing professionals to commit to the company long-term

Career progression

The marketing industry provides good opportunities for promotion, increasing your remuneration. Many companies or organisations offer the ability to progress in their marketing departments. You can work your way up from a marketing assistant to a director of marketing or marketing executive.

Variety of work responsibilities

Most companies or organisations, both in the public and private sectors, use marketing. Therefore, marketing positions are likely available in any industry that interests you. Some marketers even work for agencies that supply content across multiple industries. As a marketer, you will work on different tasks each day. Therefore, you will develop skills that are transferable to other roles. 

Range of possibilities

A career in marketing can provide you with various options based on your interests and skills. For example, you can work as a digital marketer, using online resources to promote products and connect with audiences. Another option is public relations where your focus is on making an organisation’s image as good as it can be. Alternatively, you could work in market research which involves collecting data to understand consumer habits and behaviours.

Collaborative environment

If you enjoy interacting with others, marketing could be ideal for you. It requires you to interact with numerous people every day, including customers and colleagues.

Usually, collaboration with teams is required to brainstorm ideas and work on group projects.


How to get a job in marketing and communications

Sites such as Seek and Indeed post various marketing and communications roles.

For those interested in the public sector, many local councils will publish positions in their communications or marketing departments online.

APS Jobs also advertises various government marketing and communications roles.

In addition, each state has its own job board, such as  I Work For NSW   (New South Wales) or Careers Victoria  (Victoria). These allow you to search for government marketing and communication positions in the state.

For those interested in working in the private sector, Mumbrella Jobs and the Australian Marketing Institute advertise a range of marketing and communications roles online.

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