career coaching

How career coaching can help you achieve your goals

Do you feel stuck in your career? Do you have career goals but feel unsure how to achieve them? Career coaching could be just what you need.

Career coaching is all about empowering individuals to make the best career decisions for them. Career Coaches can provide guidance on steps to take and provide strategies to overcome obstacles.  But how do you know when you need a Career Coach?  What will you get out of it?

When to hire a Career Coach

According to Indeed, this is when you should consider hiring a Career Coach


You want to enter a new field

Career Coaching is ideal for those who wish to enter a new field or industry. They can advise you on steps to take.


You are at a career crossroads

Many people will find themselves at a critical juncture in their careers, unsure of where to go next. In this circumstance, a Career Coach can guide you through the steps you should take.


Fulfil your career objectives

Many people have career goals but are uncertain on how to achieve them. You may need a Career Coach if you want help meeting your career goals


Marketing yourself

To achieve your career goals, it is often necessary to market yourself. Career Coaches are expert at helping you project yourself in the best possible way. For example, they can help you create a resume, cover letter and portfolio of work.


You are preparing for a job interview

No matter your skills or experience, you can always improve your interview skills. A Career Coach can assist by giving you sample interview questions or even conducting a mock interview.


You want to enhance your leadership skills

A Career coach can help you improve your leadership credentials. They can help you look for leadership opportunities in your current position.


You are seeking career growth

A Career Coach can help you identify growth in your current workplace or other future employers.


Maintaining a healthy work life balance

A Career Coach can help you develop strategies to balance work demands with family commitments. For example, a Career Coach can help you improve your time management skills.


Benefits Of career coaching

According to Career Progress, career coaching can provide many benefits.


Make informed decisions about your career

A Career Coach can help you determine the appropriate steps to take in order to achieve your career goals. They can also identify which courses could help you achieve them.


Identify clear and measurable goals

A Career Coach can help you set goals that can help you land your dream role. For example, they can help you brainstorm short and long term goals.


Identify skills required in modern work environment

More than ever employers are looking for employees with critical skills. A Career Coach can identify what skills and experience are most valued by employers.


Build confidence and understand your value proposition

Many people have difficulty articulating how their skills and experience make them the best fit for a position. This is where a Career Coach can help.


Build connections

Career coaches can help you build relevant industry connections. Building connections will increase your access to career opportunities.


Help you make difficult career decisions

Everyone will go through difficult periods in their career. With awareness of your skills and interests, a Career Coach can help you make informed decisions.

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