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Making a good impression: The limitations of technology for personal branding

Have you ever felt daunted trying to impress prospective employers online? You’re not alone. The ability to curate your own online image, a process known as personal branding, plays an increasingly critical role for those seeking to build their career.

However, crafting a unique online identity is often a complex and challenging task. Modern technology continues to evolve and can provide us with enormous assistance in this regard. Therefore, many people are asking; should we let computers do the work for us?

Using AI as a personal branding tool

The CEO Magazine (How to harness the power of AI for personal branding ( and (How AI is Changing the Future of Personal Branding | Entrepreneur) highlight a  number of ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help create a personal brand.  For example, it is now possible to schedule posts across your social media sites even a year in advance. The ability to schedule social media content means you can post content when it’s most convenient to you, but your audience will see it when it is most relevant to them. AI can also be a useful tool for measuring the engagement and reach of your social media posts, giving you greater insights into who your audience is and what is relevant to them.  For those who suffer from writer’s block, AI can also assist in generating content ideas and determining the content that is appropriate for your audience.

The risks of AI

However, always remember that a personal brand should be authentically YOU. According to Forbes (Personal Branding Techniques For 2024 And Beyond (, employers will quickly lose interest in you  if your content comes across as robotic or highly automated. It’s important to consider that voice and written content generated by AI can often come across as forced and unnatural and can lack tone and emotion. Therefore, you will find it is difficult to create distinctive content using AI.  Therefore, while AI can be useful for coming up with content ideas, it should not be used for content creation if you are seeking to create an authentic personal brand.

How to create a unique personal brand

To help ensure your brand is authentic and unique, when developing a personal brand, Forbes (The Importance Of Curating An Authentic Personal Brand In 2024 ( recommends asking yourself  a number of  Key questions. For example, consider what are your passions, your goals, your values and your beliefs? Who is your target audience?  What makes you unique? Try to make your personal brand unique and consistent. A personal brand should be a combination of your values, skills, strengths, emotional intelligence, and experience.

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The benefits of personal branding

Why is all of this important? Harvard Business Review (A New Approach to Building Your Personal Brand ( describes how there are many benefits to Personal Branding. One example of this is increased visibility, which can lead to enhanced networking and increased employment opportunities.

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