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Secret to a happy life: Why Work-Life balance is as critical as ever

Work Life Balance is an important part of a successful, satisfying life. So how do we achieve an appropriate balance and what are the effects if we don’t?

Why do we need work life balance?

Work-Life balance refers to the division of time between an individual’s employment and the other parts of their life, such as their family, friends, hobbies and interests.

Maintaining work life balance is critical for employees as well as employers.

According to the Victorian Public Service Commission (Work-life balance and remote work – Wellbeing toolkit – Victorian Public Sector Commission ( if employees do not achieve appropriate work life balance, the effects on their health can be significant. These can include increased stress, fatigue and risk of burnout.

Poor work-life balance does not do your employer any good either. Without appropriate balance, employees can feel as though they are not achieving anything and begin to lose motivation and concentration. They can also start to build negative feelings towards their colleagues and employer.

In contrast, people with a good work life balance often feel happier and more satisfied at work. In turn, this can lead to better results. For example, they can have higher levels of productivity and produce higher quality work.  

How do we achieve it?

According to Glen Eira City Council (What is work-life balance and why is it important? | Glen Eira City Council) to achieve work life balance, it is important that employees understand what is required of them in their role and how they can best achieve it. Go over your timelines and what is expected of you. Is this in line with your capabilities and capacity?  While this may be difficult, it might be worth a conversation with your manager if you don’t feel what is expected of you in reasonable. It’s also important to ensure you are receiving the appropriate support to manage your workload. Make sure you know where support is available if you need it.

When not at work, don’t forget to mindfully engage in activities you enjoy. It’s also important to make sure you spend time away from electronic devices.

Boundaries are important. Unless it is essential, try not to take work related calls or emails late at night.

It’s also important to consider that there might be times where work life balance is not achievable and that’s ok. Some weeks there might be more work to be completed than others.  

nsw public service

One of the benefits of working in the public service is that many public sector roles such as those in the New South Wales (Flexible working policy guidance | NSW Public Service Commission), Queensland (Employment, policy, career and wellbeing | For government | Queensland Government) and Victorian (Why work for Vic ( governments have a range of flexible arrangements to assist with work life balance.  While private sector roles often include flexible arrangements, public sector roles welcome employees seeking flexible arrangements. Some examples of this include flexible start and finish times, 35-hour weeks, and the ability to work from home. Working from home can assist work life balance by reducing time spent commuting, allowing employees to spend more time at home with their families. Many public service positions also offer generous leave entitlements including annual leave, compassionate leave, defence, jury, cultural, training and study leave. The New South Wales Government (Flexible working policy guidance | NSW Public Service Commission) specifies that all government sector employees should have the opportunity to work flexibly if they wish.  For example, The New South Wales and Queensland governments encourage employees to discuss flexible arrangements with their manager.

Those seeking to prioritise their work life balance could consider a career in the Australian public service. Public Service Resumes (Government Selection Criteria & Resume Writers: Public Service Resumes) is here to help with all your public service applications.