Careers In Focus: Accounting & Finance

Have you ever thought about a career in accounting? Are you looking for a job in accounting?

Whether you are fully qualified or about to enrol in a course, here’s a guide to the benefits of an accounting career and how to apply for a job as an accountant.

According to Indeed and Insider Guides there are several benefits of being an accountant.

Benefits of being an accountant

Many career options

There are many different options for Accountants in the public and private sector. Within the accounting industry, there are various roles you can perform. These include Investment Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, Financial Advisors, Project Accountants, Auditors and Staff Accountants.

Ability to specialise

As an Accountant, you can specialise in different areas based on your interests and skills. Common specialisations include bookkeeping, payroll services, consulting and taxes. Accountants can also specialise in a particular field, such as manufacturing, finance, government, management or insurance.

Task variety

Accounting is ideal for those who enjoy variety in their work. Accountants get to complete various tasks daily. For example, they may prepare financial reports, present reports to companies, and review budgets.

Good job security

If you are seeking career longevity, accounting could be ideal for you. Nearly every business needs an Accountant and accountant jobs are in high demand, with this demand only projected to grow. Bookkeepers, Staff Accountants, Auditors and Financial Analysts are among the most in demand Accountant positions.

Work in different industries

All industries need Accountants, whether it be retail, transportation or healthcare. The strong demand for Accountants allows them the flexibility to work in an industry of interest.  Some Accountants even work in multiple industries at once.

Opportunity for advancement

With experience, an Accountant can seek other jobs in the financial industry. For example, they can work as a Financial Advisor, Forensic Accountant or Actuary. Many accountants also go on to start their own business or work in banking. To progress their career, there are a range of qualifications and certificates accounts can pursue.

Ability to develop transferrable skills

Accountants develop a highly valued skill set, often transferrable to other roles and professions. These include digital literacy, written and verbal communication, time management, customer service, teamwork and resilience.

How to get a job as an accountant

Many sites, such as Seek and Indeed, advertise various accounting positions in the public and private sectors.

For those looking for a career in the Australian Government APS Jobs is the place to start. It allows you to search for jobs by location and salary.

In addition, each state has its own job board such as  I Work For NSW   (New South Wales) or Careers Victoria  (Victoria). These allow you to search for government accounting positions in the state.

If you are looking for a career in the private sector, ACCA Careers allows you to search for accounting jobs according to location, hours, contract type and experience required. The Accounting Jobs  and E Financial Careers sites also include similar features.

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